Integrated Remote Operations Centers (IROC) and central control rooms in mining

Centralize your data collection and plan operation control

With a centralized control room you can monitor and control all equipment used in multiple mines, mills, smelters and power plants. It involves the recording and analysis of big amounts of processing variables, relayed from locations kilometers away, enabling remote monitoring and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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Control rooms allow you to monitor, operate, and control existing equipment and auxiliary facilities. Data, verbal information, radio signals, video images, and satellite messages will be transmitted and centrally collected. This information can also be fed into the customer’s operating network, or provided to other users. Mine operators have a complete overview of the mining sites at all times, and they can determine who else can receive the information.

The Design

The control room operator’s actions have a direct impact on up-time, production output, quality, and safety. A poorly planned and designed control room can lead to costly mistakes that can be related directly to human error. From concept to completion Every detail counts when investing in your control room. Involving ABB in an early phase of your project ensures that the operator working environment is planned and designed as a complete solution, avoiding many of the diculties and costs often associated with a new control room.


The application of a multi-functional open system is an essential element in the design of a control room. By using the Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol, all installed devices are compatible, and distance does not play a role. The system separates process control from the management level, guaranteeing a stable and safe function. Figures can be displayed on either a full-screen, a diminished window, or they can be transferred to a large screen monitor.

Calculations and commercial operations

Customers decide who can access the data, who will have active access rights, and who will be assigned read-only rights. The data can be saved as HTML files, which can be recalled later through a web browser. Installing a central control station can cut costs by:
  1. Optimize manpower - the control center only requires two people, so you can allocate workers in other areas
  2. Reducing maintenance - problems are recognized early before they can cause serious damage
  3. Reducing administration support - commercial documents are automatically issued

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