Unmanned operation of coal mixing and blending stockyard at Schleenhain

Automated material handling, tracking and quality management improves accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency in lignite mine

Coal mixing and blending stockyard Schleenhain
During the project execution of the automatic operation for the stockyard system of the Schleenhain lignite mine in Germany which feeds the power plant Lippendorf (2* 993 MW el) ABB gained a lot of experiences for efficient stockyard management.

The stockyard system comprises of a stacker (4200 t/h) with tripper car, two portal scrapers (2* 2400 t/h) and the conveyor system including the conveyors from the mine and to the power plant. The piles have a capacity of 400.000 t.

The stockyard system as well as the belt conveyor systems are operated fully automatic by an ABB Advant OCS system from a central control room and have been in operation since 1999. Recently ABB executed a complete upgrade to an ABB System 800xA, migrating all control and drive installations to the latest technology.

The experience has shown that an integrated fully automated stockyard system can contribute to a safe and efficient coal supply of modern power plants

  • Various inputs of coal qualities
  • Hard quality requirements from the customer for their coal fired powerplant
  • Managing high process capacity 

  • Control station with complete connection to Schleenhain Mine
  • Material tracking feature for quality management
  • manless operation for stacker and reclaimer
  • Different stacking methods
  • Drive system
  • Telecommunication, fire-alarm and command call systems
  • HP workstation ABB Advant® OS 520 and X terminals for process handling and observation
  • OTN for data transfer, large LCD screens, video cameras

Customer benefits
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • Most accurate material handling
  • Optimized and cost effective material handling process
  • Quality management and material tracking
  • Remote support through 24/7 service support line
  • On-site ABB service engineer support

Main data




Schleenhain, Germany

Customer need: 

High accurate material handling for lignite with material tracking for quality management


Electrification and automation of belt conveyor system and stockyard machines
Central control room
Autonomous operation of portal scrapers
Autonomous operation of stacker
Drives, instrumentation, auxiliaries, CCTV and communication infrastructure

ABB Ability™ Stockyard Management System with material handling
Customer benefits:

Maximum availability and reliability with most accurate material handling, optimized and cost effective material handling process, quality management and material tracking. ABB also provides remote support through 24/7 service support line and on-site ABB service engineer support.

Commissioning year: 2000-2017

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