Service contract for control system

Improved production processes in New Caledonia

Production processes in mining and mineral processing plants are extensive and highly demanding for the whole staff. To optimize and harmonize them, a comprehensive control system life cycle support – performed by best skilled personnel – is needed. ABB’s service solutions provide tailor-made support that helps increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our sophisticated control system services are developed to meet all levels of challenges in the minerals and mining industry: life cycle of high-performing equipment, complex production processes, extreme conditions and high environ­mental demands. Vale faces all of these challenges in their nickel and cobalt plant in New Caledonia. Therefore, they are relying on ABB as preferred service partner.

The service contract includes management and maintenance of control system service, spare parts management and training. Thanks to the maintenance and optimization of ABB’s System 800xA – already installed in the plant – Vale improves production processes to reduce costs and meet high environmental demands. And whenever a problem occurs, our experts are only a phone call away due to 24h assistance.

To run a plant on an optimal level you need skilled staff: ABB experts train Vale engineers individually to help them contribute to operational excellence.

The remote location of the plant requires deliberate solutions when it comes to spare parts. To provide Vale the best service we are responsible for the spare parts stock and manage it customized to Vale’s needs. If something is needed in the plant, they get the parts immediately. The different optimizations performed in the entire process contribute to reduce the consumption of energies, like raw water, heavy oil and electrical power.

ABB has the global resources, technology and knowledge to help Vale achieve their growth objectives, with comprehensive support services and forward evolution strategies that protect their existing automation system investment.

“ABB’s services are of great benefit for us: The service experts train our people in individual programs. Together with ABB we maintain and optimize our systems as well as analyze, if something needs to be improved. Whenever a problem occurs, we get immediate support from them. It is a very professional and efficient partnership with ABB which we highly appreciate.”

Ghislain Belmonte, Technical Services Manager, Vale New Caledonia

Main data

Customer: Vale New Caledonia
 Site:  New Caledonia
Customer need:  - Reliable and efficient operations in remote location
- Optimized and efficient control system operations
- Predictable and cost-efficient service and maintenance activities

- Management of control system service and maintenance (one team with ABB and customer engineers)
- On-site support from control system service engineers
- Spare parts management (Smart spares)
- Control system evolution support (Sentinel)
- Training
- Remote services

Customer benefits:

- Long-term support for critical asset
- Smooth transition from commissioning to operation
- Access to ABB control system expertise (through local team in New Caledonia, remote support, and support from project engineering team)
- Agreed performance based targets
- System optimization

 Comissioning year  2014

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