Mine hoisting systems at Longgu Coal Mine

Safe and reliable production

In 2004, Xinwen Mining Group, one of the ten largest coal mining enterprises in China, awarded a significant contract to ABB for two production hoists for Longgu Coal Mine, the first of seven coal mines to be developed in Juye mining area, Shandong Province.

Coal as a major energy resource in China
Since China has a lack of oil and natural gas, coal continues to be a major source of the country’s energy. Coal provides energy for 74 percent of China’s total primary energy consumption and thus plays a critical role in the country’s economic development. Longgu Coal Mine, with annual capacity around six million tons, has therefore been listed as a National Key Construction Project by the Chinese Government.

Main supply from ABB
ABB has delivered two identical mine hoists for production, including both mechanical and electrical parts with the following data:
Payload                                                                  32 tons
Hoist speed                                                          12.5 m/s
Hoist distance                                                          835 m
Production capacity                                   970 tons/hour

Main mechanical equipment
- Pulley                                                                   Ø 4.5 m
- Shaft
- Bearings & bearing houses
- Deflection sheaves                                             Ø 4.5 m
- Hydraulic brake system

Main electrical equipment
- Synchronous motor                                           4,800 kW
- Drive                                                           ACS 6000 DTC
- Control system
- Signaling


Main data

 Customer:   Longgu Coal Mine
 Site:   Shangdong, P.R. China
Customer need:  Increase coal production to meet energy consumption
Scope:  Two complete mine hoists for production.
Application:  Mine hoists for coal mine
Customer benefits:
  • One single source supplier for both mechanical and electrical equipment facilitates project management for both ABB and Longgu Coal Mine
  • Safe and reliable production
  • Easy operation and maintemance
  • Prompt local service with support from global expertise
Commissioning year: 2006/2007

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