System 800xA Cyber Security

Maximizing cyber security in process automation

Why should control system owners focus on cybersecurity?

System 800xA Cyber Security

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In critical infrastructure the protection goes beyond intellectual property and covers the availability of the asset that could be diminished under an attack. In fact, the shape and size of your company’s future will be determined by your know-how, ideas and operations – and on your ability to protect them.

With so much at stake the big question is: How do you secure your company against cyber risks, like attacks from viruses, hackers and human errors?

Cyber security is important for every company. Without it, your company risks production disruptions, loss of intellectual property and data that cannot be recreated. As for any ABB solution, we want you to be satisfied with the security solutions we provide you with. We fully understand the importance of cyber security, and its responsibility to advance the security of control systems. You can rely on system solutions where reliability and security have the highest priority.
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