Underground mine electrification

Safe, compact and reliable

ABB’s offering in mine electrification includes, among other things, E-houses, MCC, drives as well as compact power systems.
ABB’s E-house and skid mounted MCC characterize proven design with low overall cost. They are highly modulized and fully tested in factory for quick delivery.
The explosion-proof drives are a must for underground coal mines. They characterize equal load sharing between motors, adjustable speed subject to the load, high system efficiency at any speed and load, dynamic torque at starting and stopping and have diagnostic feature with drive tools.
ABB’s compact power system is a robust and proven design for underground mining applications. It monitors and controls power distribution via ABB’s System 800xA.

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Our offering

Explosion-proof drive for underground coal mines

The highly adaptable and stable explosion-proof drive technology to deal with the harsh operating envrionment of underground coal mines. The drive applies direct torque control (DTC) technology which allows the system to quickly respond to sudden variations in load.Taking advantages of the heat transfer principle to cooling and selecting a low power segment air-cooled inverter makes the ABB exlposion-proof converter lighter and smaller than other product on the market.
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Electric drive and control system for the Kiruna electric mining haulage trucks

Kiruna electric mining haulage trucks have minimal exhaust fumes, low noise level and low heat generation. They are realiable, easy to maintain, and cost-efficient to operate.
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Power supply and electrification infrastructure

The efficiency of mining operations is influenced by its major mechanical and electrical installations, appropriate planning and engineering. Viewed as an integrated entity, the plant’s infrastructure includes items like optimized substation and electrical room layouts, cable engineering, grounding systems, fire detection and protection, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, communication systems and much more. ABB ensures the selection of the right electrical technologies and products, their correct dimensioning, compliance with environmental conditions - leading to substantial savings in investment and energy consumption. We are also collaborating with the industry to find new ways to transition from diesel to electricity.
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