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Pressurized synchronous direct-on-line 8 to 40 poles motors

Equipment protection level Gb and Gc for zones 1 and 2

Industrial processes require high-power low-speed electric motors with high reliability. Our synchronous motors are compact, light and easy to adapt. In every case we work with our customers, using our application-specific know-how to ensure that their specific needs are met. Our products are also designed to provide high levels of efficiency over a long service life with low overall life cycle costs, and up to 90% of the parts of the product can be recycled.

The DOL slow speed synchronous motors from ABB are characterized by a flexible design concept which makes it possible to adapt the motor to almost all types of applications, installations and requirements. This proven design concept has shown extremely good performance as well as reliability in different types of applications.

ABB offers synchronous motors according to the Ex px and Ex pz protection principle. This motor design is based on the pressured and purged enclosure. The purging pressure is supplied by an purging system included in the motor design. ABB have long experience on this type of motor design showing good reliability and safety performance.

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