ABB generators for data center

ABB data center generators offer reliable power supply and performance to ensure smooth data traffic.

Offering 100% uptime and high power quality, ABB data center generators are the go-to choice for the demanding needs of data centers. Custom-fit optimization is available to meet application specific requirements. Easy installation and maintenance ensure an overall low cost of ownership. Best-in-class power density means the smallest genset footprint.

These generators are designed to meet the specific requirements of data centers, including high load-acceptance, high reactance levels, low harmonics and a wide power factor range.

Key benefits

  • 100% up-time and reliability, learn more
  • Best-in-class power density ensures smallest footprint of entire genset
  • Ideal technical features for data center needs
  • Short lead times, reliable operation and best total cost of ownership
  • Continuous data center power ratings are optionally selectable
  • Worldwide service


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