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ABB Data center generators

With the reliable solutions in the quality of their power supplies, ABB Data center generators offer you the best solutions for data center.

Today we all use an ever-increasing amount of data and IP traffic increases at an unseen pace. To make this possible, the need for highly reliable data centers is key to success. High reliability and excellent performance make ABB generators an ideal solution for data centers.

ABB Data center generators offer a fully functional generator design for the application. Our solutions cover the wide range of PFs (Power Factors) and support non-linear loads, high block-load capability and load characteristics specified by certification bodies like the Uptime Institute and TLC.


100% up-time and reliability
Best-in-class power density ensures smallest footprint of the whole genset
Perfect technical features for Data center needs
Best total cost of ownership and operations with a short lead time
Continuous Data Center power ratings are optionally selectable
Worldwide service


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