ABB generators

ABB is the leading global supplier of generators. Our know-how and experience have been built up over more than a century of manufacturing electric motors and generators.

ABB supplies generators suitable for all types of power generation. Our generators provide stability to the power grid and have proven their reliability in a wide range of applications. They are engineered to meet our customers’ specific needs, grid code requirements and application environments. The global ABB service network, together with opportunities to use digital technologies, ensure easy maintenance throughout the product life cycle.

We have launched new modular synchronous generators

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ABB generator offering

Generators for engines
Generators for data centers
Generators for steam and gas turbines
Generators for renewables
Generators for marine

ABB generators for engines offer high reliability as well as a low cost of ownership. We offer solutions for industrial applications as well as to the marine and offshore segments for a reliable continuous power supply. The high quality solutions we offer fulfill all relevant standards. Our application specific expertise ensures all application or customer specific needs are met.

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ABB data center generators with best-in-class power density are a reliable solution for data centers. Easy installation and maintenance as well as ABB service expertise help maximize performance throughout the product life cycle.

Our solutions are designed to meet the data center application needs with high load-acceptance, optimal reactance levels, low harmonics and wide power factor range.

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ABB's generators for steam and gas turbines offer reliability in the toughest and most demanding conditions like hazardous areas in corrosive offshore platforms. We provide the benefits of low cost of ownership with leading industry expertise in steam and gas turbine applications.

ABB solution can be customized utilizing modular design to meet the environmental or customer specific needs with opportunity for digital solutions for life-cycle management and higher uptime and productivity.

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ABB generators for renewables are suitable for renewable power generation applications, including onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydro, wave & tidal as well as geothermal and bioenergy applications. Even in the demanding ocean power generation environment our solutions are designed to run reliably.

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ABB generators for marine includes a full range of solutions for marine applications. Our solutions fulfill all marine industry requirements and run reliably all types of vessels. ABB marine generators are designed are optimized using advanced technology to meet necessary performance requirements.

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Ormat uses highly efficient ABB generators to produce clean geothermal power
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