ABB generators for renewables

ABB offers a strong domain expertise in renewable power generation based on a long industry experience with a dedicated product portfolio.

We offer solutions for all renewable power applications including wind, hydro, wave and tidal, geothermal, bioenergy and concentrated solar applications. Our solutions operate reliably in the most challenging conditions from onshore to offshore and low temperatures to high. Robust products with long lifetime and high efficiency contribute to sustainability. ABB offers global support throughout the product lifecycle.

Key benefits

  • ABB's strong domain expertise from long industry experience
  • A comprehensive product portfolio for renewable application needs
  • Highest uptime and lifetime of the equipment while also ensuring high safety standards
  • High efficiency solution to increase energy yield
  • Digital solutions available for lifecycle support

Our offering

Onshore wind
Offshore wind
Wave & Tidal
Concentrated solar

ABB has a strong expertise in wind generators for onshore and offshore applications. Our solutions offer field proven design and high performance insulation. Space saving design with optimized footprint reduces top head mass. ABB offers competent support at the right time in the right place.

ABB's strong expertise means we can offer generators for onshore and offshore applications. Our solutions offer field proven design and high performance insulation. Our solutions with vibration avoidance throughout whole operation speed range for reliable operation. ABB offers competent support at the right time in the right place.

Hydropower is conversion of water flow to electricity. Hydropower is a traditional renewable electricity source with more than 100 years of history, and still today it accounts the highest share of globally produced renewable energy.

Conventional hydro power stations include dam, water reservoir, penstocks, control, turbine and generator. Run-of-river hydro power stations use water flow of a river without water storage,  their capacity is typically smaller compared to hydro power station with reservoir. Pumped hydro system stores energy in water where the top reservoir acts like a huge battery. The system includes upper and lower reservoirs, water tunnels or penstocks connecting the reservoirs and turbine or pump generators.

We offer a reliable operation with ample thermal margin and high efficiency for maximized energy yield. Space saving design for a small footprint while also ensuring maintainability.

Movement of sea waves can be harnessed by submerged or floating devices, which convert the movement of the mechanical rotation for generator.​ In areas with high tidal variation, water flow during tidal changes can be harnessed with for example a propeller type turbine where the generator is connected.​ ABB offer solutions with optimized power density, high efficiency and long maintenance period.

Bioenergy is renewable energy that is derived from biomass. The biomass is converted to solid, gas and liquid biofuels which are used in  powerplants and for transportation. The powerplants generating electricity from biofuels are typically co-generation with steam turbines and engine power plants​ with direct on line synchronous generators. Alternatively premium efficiency VSD permanent magnet generators can be used in lower power systems.

We offer field proven designs with a strong understanding of the requirements of the steam turbine duty and a capability to provide support through turbine life-time.

Geothermal power is generated from earth thermal energy. Geothermal can be close to surface, for example in a geyser, or pumped from deep bore holes.​ Geothermal energy in form of hot water or steam can be used directly or indirectly. Heat pumps are used in case of  lower temperature sources. Our solutions offer proven reliability in the harsh environments.

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power. Most of solar electricity is generated directly.

We offer compact design for optimized footprint with high levels of maintainability. High reliability is achieved by optimized design for long product lifetime.


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