High speed induction generators

Full converter ( FC ) concept using standard high speed drivetrain can also be realized with asynchronous squirrel cage induction generators (SQIG) instead of the high efficiency high speed permanent magnet generators. SQIGs offer robust conventional technology with good efficiency and small size.

Unlike Doubly-fed, in FC concept all the generated power goes through a “full size“ converter. It offers full variable speed operation and advanced grid code compliance also in the future, fully separating the mechanical drivetrain from the grid disturbances. ABB has over 30 years of experience to create a reliable operation. Using converters imposes many technical challenges concerning the electrical dimensioning and insulation of reliable generators that match perfectly with the drive. 

Key benefits

  • ABB has over 30 years of experience in converter duty applications, leading to a reliable product
  • Fully controlled variable speed
  • Low vibration - robust design
  • High efficiency and a compact design

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