Modular synchronous generators (20 MW class)

Designed in conjunction with some of our major customers, the new energy-efficient Modular Synchronous Generator is ready to meet today’s grid code requirements.

The modular construction allows users to provide additional inertia via optional flywheels.

The overall design of the Synchronous Generator has been enhanced and includes innovative solutions – like an upgraded cooling unit – for higher energy efficiency.

Key benefits

Modularity for different applications

HIgh energy efficiency

Tailored inertia to match with customer needs.

Best-in-class lead times


Modularity means versatility to meet the needs of grid code requirements of today

Modularity means that designs can be produced to cover applications ranging from balancing, with a high number of start/stops every day, through intermediate load, to continuous base-load operation with requirements for high efficiency and inertia to support the grid.

Flywheels ensure grid compliance and help to balance reliable power generation

The gensets must provide high inertia and fast response to ensure the plant stays in synchronism with the grid when the fault is cleared and voltage returns the nominal.

Our modular synchronous generator can comply with this requirement by installing one or two flywheels to add more inertia.

Save energy and increase efficiency with the upgraded cooling unit

The modular synchronous generator features an upgraded cooling unit with up to 60 % more air flow than provided by traditional cooling arrangements.

Four fan motors can be VSD controlled, and built-in redundancy ensures adequate cooling even if only three motors are operating. The new cooling unit can be operated on an as-needed basis.

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Modular synchronous generator, 20 MW class

Built to keep generating power

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Design lifetime

30 years
80,000 starts per lifetime


Power Generation
Chemical, Oil & Gas
Mining and Minerals


Synchronous condensers

Technical data

Modular synchronous generator


IEC 60034, ISO 8528


Balancing to continuous

Power range:

18...21 MW


Up to 15 kV

Temperature rise class:

B or F

Insulation class:



50 Hz/60 Hz, 500/514/600 rpm



Inertia constant:

Up to 2,5 sec

Starts and stops/year:

Up to 4,000

Generator services

ABB products are supported with a complete portfolio of services to maximize availability, reliability, and performance. Advanced monitoring and diagnostics tools give advance warning of potential issues to minimize unplanned downtime.

Predefined maintenance programs cover all phases of the generator’s lifetime. Our portfolio of services cover regular preventive maintenance programs, advanced monitoring and diagnostics to detect potential problems before they become critical, as well as upgrade and retrofit solutions to extend the lifetime of your generators.  Whatever your applications’ needs, we support you to keep your equipment running at top performance.
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