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Market’s most powerful 4-pole generators for turbines

Higher power levels for ABB’s compact 4-pole generators mean that end users require fewer genset units, minimizing their space and capital investment needs. Using 4-pole generators enables OEMs to optimize the turbine speed range for higher total system efficiency and lower running costs.

ABB introduces a new 1400 frame size synchronous generator to expand its proven AMS platform. Covering the power range from 60 to 85 MVA at voltages from 3 to 15 kV, the new 4-pole generators enable higher unit powers and more economical genset designs.

Advances in manufacturing technology - resulting from ABB’s R&D work - have made it possible to increase the power levels of the proven AMS 4-pole generator platform. The 4-pole generators offer many important benefits over their large 2-pole alternatives, including compact size, lower weight, better efficiency, higher inertia, shorter delivery time, lower running costs and simplified maintenance. They are also more reliable in demanding start-stop mode as they operate below the critical vibration speed area, unlike 2-pole generators which must always run through it on every start.

Higher unit powers mean that end users need fewer turbine gensets to meet ever increasing power plant capacity requirements. This provides savings in engineering time, space, and capital investment costs.

With 4-pole generators OEMs can optimize their own turbine design and speed range for the best efficiency, lowest costs and quiet operation, while also improving overall system profitability.

The new 1400 frame size generators now enable OEMs to use economical 4-pole technology also in their higher power gensets, as well as to increase the power in hot environments where de-rating is needed. Previously, the need for de-rating could mean that the required output exceeded the 4-pole range and 2-pole solutions had to be used.

ABB has a track record of over 50,000 MVA in numerous turbine applications, including demanding oil and gas platforms. It offers tailor-made solutions with high performance and cost efficient generators from 5 to 85 MVA, and can deliver the complete intelligent generator control panel (GCP) including protection and state-of-the-art ABB Unitrol 1020 AVR.

ABB package solutions not only facilitate monitoring, protection and control of the generator, but also include a base frame concept that supports different project scopes ranging from design calculations to base frames delivered with the gearbox installed. Comprehensive global support is available for all ABB products.


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