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Generators for steam and gas turbines, Technical data

ABB generators for steam and gas turbines are found in gas-, steam- and combined cycle plants.

Below are some selected examples of applications where ABB generators have been used:

  • Biomass
  • Distributed Power Generation
  • Geothermal
  • Concentrating Solar Power
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas; Off-shore
  • Oil & Gas; On-shore
  • Sugar plant
  • Synchronous condenser
  • Waste to Energy
Output power
Up to 85 MVA at 50 Hz
Frame size
710 to 1400 mm
3 - 15 kV
50 or 60 Hz
Up to 1800 rpm
IP20, IP23, (WP I), IPW 24, (WP II), IP54, IP55, IP56
Open Air-Cooled (OAC): IC01 (WP II), IC06 (WP I) (WP II)
Totally Enclosed Water to Air-Cooled (TEWAC): IC86W, IC81W
Totally Enclosed Air to Air-Cooled (TEAAC): IC616, IC661, IC611, IC666
Ambient conditions
- 50 °C to 60 °C
Generator size
0.9 - 6.0 MVA: AMG 500 - 630,  4 pole
6.0 - 85  MVA: AMS 710 - 1400, 4 - 6 pole
NEMA MG-1, IEEE 115, ANSI C50.12, BS 4999,
IEC 60034, API-546, Australian AS 1359, VDE, GOST R
Hazardous areas
Zone 1 Areas: Pressurization (Ex px)
Zone 2 Areas: Non sparking (Ex nA), Pressurization (Ex pz)
Increased Safety, Non-sparking, Pressurized
Control Panel 
AVR: ABB UNITROL 1010 or 1020 as standard, others (e.g. Basler) on request
Protection: Standard REG 670 other on request, Differential Protection Relay, Multilin 489

Synchronization: Manual and auto. Normal with 1 to 3 circuit breakers, Syncrotact 5

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