MachSize - Online selection tool for high voltage motors

An online tool from ABB makes it possible to select and buy a high voltage motor in just a few minutes.

MachSize is an easy-to-use online tool for selecting and configuring ABB’s N-series high voltage configured-to-order motors. These pre-engineered motors meet the most common requirements across many industries, offering levels of energy efficiency, reliability, and safety similar to engineered motors.

With MachSize, you get a complete quotation quickly and easily. You can configure high voltage N-series motors 24/7 via laptops, tablets, phones – any device that has a browser and Internet connection.

To get access to MachSize, please contact us by clicking the red button at the bottom of this page.

Convenient and easy to use
Simple guide to motor selection process
Accessible 24/7 on any device at wherever you are
Available to see the outlook with the preliminary 3D model

5 steps How to successfully select a motor with MachSize

1. Fill out basic technical parameters

◾ Required standard (IEC or NEMA)
◾ Type of installation area (safe or hazardous)
◾ Cooling medium (air or water)
◾ IP protection class
◾ Supply type (direct-on-line or variable speed drive control)
◾ Voltage
◾ Frequency
◾ Ambient temperature
◾ Altitude and required output
◾ Required Minimum Energy Performance Standard (Not applicable/EU MEPS/China Efficiency Grade 2)

2. Validating information

All new information entered to the tool is automatically validated. If the information affects other motor parameters, MachSize will immediately update the available options.

3. Generating quotation

MachSize generates a quotation. It provides preliminary 3D model together with dimension drawing, data sheet, component list and quotation completed with terms and conditions. 

4. Submitting the order

Click on the Hand Over button to submit the order to ABB’s local sales unit.

5. Reusing information from earlier projects

MachSize saves your motor configurations as projects and makes it easy to reuse information from earlier projects.

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