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ABB Motors for heavy electric vehicles

The transition to electric power for your single heavy vehicle through to your entire fleet can be made easier by using ABB components as the building blocks.

That is because ABB has been innovating in electric motors for trains, busses, and industrial vehicles used in mining, construction, materials handling, marine and public transportation for more than a century.

  • We offer a configurable range of motors that can fulfill your diverse application needs.
  • To overcome the business challenges of reducing CO₂ emissions, lowering your total cost of ownership, increasing productivity and decreasing vehicle downtime.

Key features and benefits

  • Configurable lengths, windings, and voltages to get the needed motor performance.
  • High torque capability for excellent productivity and responsiveness.
  • Designed for tough environments and to tolerate high shock loads and vibration levels, and wide ambient temperature ranges.
  • Enclosure protection (IP) ratings to meet all moisture and dirt resistance needs.
  • Long product life expectancy assured by extensive testing and advanced simulations.

Performance range

Frame size          AMXE132 AMXE160  AMXE200  AMXE250 
Peak torque 360-600 800 900-2000 3300
Peak power 50-250 80-300 200-500 260-680
Continuous torque 100-260 500 500-860 1500
Continuous power 20-80 50-200 90-230 110-310 

Tools and services

ABB Optimizer

An online tool that helps you to find the optimal electrical motor for any MEPS worldwide. It also help you to compute the cost of ownership of different motors and get fast access to marketing documents and drawings, test reports and data sheets.

Optimizer | ABB

Drive and motor selector

Instead of flipping through paper catalogs or databases of datasheets, find the drive, softstarter or motor you need based on a series of simple questions.

Link to selector

ABB Access 

Scan the QR code to access 24/7 self-services
ABB Access, helps you easily find up-to-date product online data. It also provides easy access to documentation and manuals. If you happen to experience issues with your ABB product, this can be fastly and easily reported online to reach expert support from ABB.

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ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor for motors

The ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor converts traditional motors into smart, wirelessly connected devices. It is attached to the frame of the motor; no wiring or machining is needed. Using algorithms, based on ABB’s decades of motor expertise, the ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor relays information about the motor's operation and health via a Bluetooth-gateway or smartphone to a secure server.

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