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Smoke extraction motors

Never gamble with safety in tunnels! In case of fire, dispersing the toxic fumes quickly and efficiently can be livesaving. It is therefore necessary to use specialized, certified smoke extraction motors for fans in tunnels and other confined spaces.

Smoke extraction motors are typically used in two types of applications - jet fans and axial fans:

  • Tunnels
  • Single and multi-storey shopping malls
  • Single and multi-storey industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Stairways
  • Enclosed car parks
  • Theaters
  • Other locations to mitigate the effects of a fire

Certified safety
Motor range

ABB's smoke extraction motors are designed and certified for both direct on line and variable speed drive operation, both in normal ventilation and emergency situations.

  • Tested according to EN 12101-3, which is considered the most demanding standard for smoke extraction.
  • CE marked
Class Temperature °C, time  Duty
F200 200°C, max 120 min  DOL, VSD
F300 300°C, max 60 min
F400 400°C, max 120 min  DOL, VSD
F250 (acc to French degree) 250°C, max 120 min  DOL, VSD
 Key features Output up to 1000 kW
  • Shaft mounted fan impeller for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Certified for dual purpose, direct online and VSD use
  • Wide range of surface treatment solutions available
  • Flexible cabling solutions

Shaft heights IEC 160 to 450
Frame material Cast iron
Number of poles 4 to 12
Efficiency IE2, IE3, IE4 efficiency class
Frequency Variable speed range up to 1800 r/min
Voltage up to 690 V
Motor type M3BPW
Certification Both horizontal and vertical mounting
Certified with angular contact or even double angular contact ball bearings because of high axial and radial forces.
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