Permanent Magnet Shaft Generators for the Marine Industry

ABB's permanent magnet shaft generator can help reduce emissions, and enhance the efficiency, performance and reliability of ocean-going vessels. 

The latest state-of-the-art in-line shaft generator from ABB will enable ship operators and builders to benefit from the efficiency, performance and reliability advantages of permanent magnet technology.

By reducing a ship's CO2 emissions, it also helps ships meet the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) EEDI and EEXI measures.

Our new permanent magnet shaft generator brings flexibility and ease of installation to a wide range of vessels including bulk carriers, container carriers, liquid natural gas tankers and ferries transporting passengers and cars.

The permanent magnet shaft generator is optimized for converter control and enables better efficiency than either induction or electrically excited synchronous machines at both full and partial loading. This helps to cut fuel costs by up to 4 percent as well as significantly reducing emissions. Its light weight and compact size also shrinks the footprint of the equipment package by around 20 percent.

Key benefits of ABB's Permanent Magnet Shaft Generators for Marine
Reduce Co2 Emissions

Helps towards meeting the CO2 reduction targets set for the shipping industry by 2030 according to the IMO regulations (EEDI /EEXI/CII)​

Higher Efficiency

Run the machine with proven higher efficiency.
Rely on the enhanced efficiency, performance and reliability of the machine

Save fuel costs by 3-4%

Converter control optimized design and lessened need for aux. generators enables better efficiency than other machine types

Reduce the installation footprint by 20%

Innovative design with the lightweight and compact size reduces the installation footprint


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