ABB SP4™ Technology

Baldor-Reliance® NEMA Super-Premium motors

The Next Evolution in Electric Motors

Baldor-Reliance® SP4™ NEMA Super Premium Motors


Sustainable & eco-friendly motors

Electric motors consume over 45% of the world's electricity

Super Premium Efficient Technology reduces energy loss by up to 40%

ABB Baldor-Reliance®

SP4™ Technology Motor Features 


cloud1    Super Premium Efficient

pols2    2, 4, and 6 Pole

replec1    Direct Drop-In Replacement

arrow2    1/4 to 20HP (Open and Enclosed)

Star1    4-Year Warranty

snow1    Cooler Operation

No Additional Training Required

Direct Drop-in replacement whether it be DOL or VFD operation

NEMA Motor Efficiency Regulation History

Driven by United States Department of Energy

WEBINAR - Introducing the new Baldor-Reliance® SP4™: NEMA Super-Premium Motor

Watch this on-demand webinar where we introduce the Baldor-Reliance® SP4™ NEMA Super-Premium line of motors. Our product experts explain the features and benefits of this highly energy efficient motor and SP4™ technology.

ABB Baldor Reliance® Motors

In a world of industries powered by electric motors, ABB’s SP4™ Technology emerges as a game changer. We’ve taken the best AC induction motor design and made it better by reducing motor losses by an average of 20% while maintaining the simplicity of today’s install base. This ABB designed and manufactured technology isn’t just about efficiency; it’s a testament to progress, weaving a story where industries thrive, cost diminishes, and a sustainable future becomes a reality.  ABB’s SP4™ Technology isn’t merely a breakthrough, it’s an invitation to join the narrative where motors power more than machines – they power dreams of a better, more efficient tomorrow for all.

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