ABB Frosinone embeds sustainability throughout value chain for circuit breakers

  • ABB’s Frosinone site reduces Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions by 33 percent per product as part of its Mission to Zero™ journey
  • ABB Ability Energy ManagerTM drives smart decision making for continuous improvements in emissions and energy costs for sites
  • Sustainable production of key circuit breaker technologies for energy transition

ABB Electrification Smart Power’s production hub in Frosinone, Italy demonstrates how ABB is embedding sustainability across its complete value chain – and how ABB solutions help sites achieve continuous reductions in Scope 1 and 2 emissions and energy costs. Guided by ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager insights, ABB has improved the energy efficiency of each circuit breaker it produces at Frosinone by 25 percent – and has reduced average Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions per product by 33 percent against a 2019 baseline.

As key technologies for energy transition, Frosinone has focused on reducing the energy and CO2 required to produce each circuit breaker. With the site’s electrical distribution system connected to the ABB AbilityTM Energy Manager, data from ABB’s own smart circuit breakers and digital devices have identified energy saving opportunities, process optimization priorities and continuous improvements in the energy efficiency of their production.

ABB Electrification Smart Power President Giampiero Frisio said: “Sustainability is embedded in every part of our product life cycles. We are delivering essential technologies for a low-carbon society – advanced circuit breakers for renewables, microgrids and efficiency improvements. And we produce them in ways that conserve energy and natural resources, with zero waste to landfill, and a supplier sustainability program driving continuous improvements in the carbon footprint of our solutions.”

  • Frosinone sources 100 percent of its electricity from certified renewable sources
  • The digitization of Frosinone’s electrical distribution has enabled ABB’s facility to pursue a data-driven energy saving strategy
  • ABB Frosinone is a Center of Excellence for the development and manufacture of low voltage circuit breakers, producing more than 3.5 million devices a year
  • ABB automation solutions are improving sustainability, performance, and resilience at ABB Frosinone

Established in 1969, ABB Frosinone is a Center of Excellence for the development and manufacture of low voltage circuit breakers, producing more than 3.5 million devices a year. These include Emax 2 VF circuit breakers for wind and solar applications and the SACE Infinitus for next-generation direct current microgrids. The Infinitus is the world first IEC solid-state circuit breaker that enables renewable energy and energy storage systems to be connected using direct current, a high-efficiency alternative to conventional alternating current distribution.

ABB Smart Power HUB Europe Manager Massimiliano Cifalitti said: “ABB Frosinone not only produces essential technologies for energy transition – our facility also demonstrates how other organizations can move forward on their own carbon neutral journey. Data from our digital devices and technologies make it straightforward for sites to look deeply into their power consumption and identify energy-saving actions to improve their energy-efficiency.”

ABB Frosinone is both an ABB Mission To Zero site and one of Italy’s national Industry 4.0 Lighthouse facilities. Mission to Zero is ABB’s journey towards carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030 and its commitment to supporting customers to do the same. It is one part of ABB’s threefold sustainability commitment: to achieve a low carbon society, to preserve resources, and to promote social progress.

ABB Frosinone is supporting these wider objectives with initiatives that include purchase of 100 percent of its electricity from certified renewable sources; a zero waste to landfill initiative, a supplier sustainability program, and extensive work on employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and community engagement. Later this year, installation begins of a new photovoltaic plant with battery energy storage that will enable around 25% of the site’s electricity requirements to be generated on site.

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