SACE Emax 2 VF

ACB for variable frequency applications

ABB has always paid special attention to renewable energy generation, constantly collaborating with the major wind turbine manufacturers and anticipating market trends of variable frequency installations.

SACE Emax 2 VF range of switch-disconnector for variable frequency applications is composed by two versions: one for low frequency and another for mid-frequency.

Switch disconnectors are derived from the corresponding automatic circuit breakers, and they have the same dimensions and accessory options.


Main features:

  • Compatibility with all types of generators, even in overspeed running, thanks to the high rated voltage (up to 900V and 1200V AC);
  • Same footprint as standard Emax 2
  • Fixed or drawable execution
  • Orientable terminals: horizontal or vertical
  • Full compatibility with standard Emax 2 accessories



SACE Emax 2 VF in numbers


100% Fit renewables applications


Performance at variable frequency


100% Realiability in extreme conditions

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