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SACE ​Emax 2 - IEC

From a traditional circuit-breaker to a real Power Manager, in accordance with IEC 60947 Standards

E1.2 – The Agile

E1.2 offers 1600A with breaking capacity up to 66kA and withstand current up to 50kA for 1 second. Switchgears of 66kA can be designed in units of 400mm, which are essential in places with reduced dimensions available, such as in naval and offshore installations.

E2.2 – The Renowned

E2.2 enables ratings up to 2500A to be achieved in switchgears with a width of 400mm. In addition, it provides short-circuit currents up to 100kA and withstand current of 85kA for 1 second.

E4.2 – The Elegant

E4.2 is the 4000A circuit-breaker designed for high short-circuit capacity and withstand currents up to 100kA for 1 second.

E6.2 – The Sturdy

E6.2 is the top of the range model with a breaking capacity up to 150kA and a structure that allows 6300A to be reached in the switchgear, even in complex installation conditions.

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