ABB technology helps secure clean energy transmission from Inner Mongolia to Eastern China

ABB technology helps secure clean energy transmission from Inner Mongolia to Eastern China

ABB’s Live Tank Circuit Breakers support the integration of renewables and secure long-distance power transmission

The remote wind-battered grasslands of Inner Mongolia in Northern China are playing a key role in addressing the country’s increasing energy demand, thanks to a new 1,200-kilometer-long UHVDC transmission link, owned and managed by State Grid Corporation of China. The Jarud-Qingzhou link transmits power from Inner Mongolia to the growing Shandong region in Eastern China, and it is the first UHVDC transmission link in the area.

ABB is supplying ultra-high voltage Live Tank Circuit Breakers (LTB) at the Qingzhou converter station in the Shandong province of Eastern China. The LTBs protect the network, prevent power outages and supply clean reliable power supply to more than 20 million people.

For many years, the potential wind power of Inner Mongolia and many similarly remote areas, remained largely untapped, as the electricity generated had to travel across several thousands of kilometers to reach urban load centers, and the losses over such long distances were too significant. Ultra-high voltage direct current technology, which was pioneered by ABB, minimizes these losses and has made transmission over long distances feasible, thus, paving the way for the larger-scale integration of renewables. In China, this technology has opened up many remote areas for power generation, including in Inner Mongolia which now provides one quarter of the country’s wind power generated electricity.    

The LTBs for this project are equipped with the latest generation of point-of-wave controllers, Switchsync PWC600, to ensure precise switching operations, eliminate harmful electrical transient and protect electrical equipment from failures. Harmonic filters have also been installed to improve power quality of the network.

“We are pleased to support SGCC in the integration of renewable energy into the transmission grid”, said Markus Heimbach, Head of ABB’s High Voltage Business Unit within its Power Grids division. “Our leading edge UHV technology will enhance grid reliability over long these long distances, boosting power quality, bringing clean power to consumers and minimizing environmental impact.”

ABB offers a comprehensive range of high-voltage products, up to 1,200 kV Alternating Current (AC) and 1100 kV Direct Current (DC), that help enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of power grids while minimizing environmental impact. ABB has an unparalleled track record with about a million high voltage switchgear installations across the world.



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