Fast Automation, Australian leader in industrial automation services, becomes newest ABB Robotics Authorised Value Provider

Fast Automation, Australian leader in industrial automation services, becomes newest ABB Robotics Authorised Value Provider

  • Automation Solutions Provider Fast Automation becomes ABB Robotics Australia’s newest Authorized Value Provider (AVP)
  • One of Australia’s fastest growing robotics companies, Fast Automation has executed some of the most challenging automation projects in the world for industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, logistics, and materials handling
  • CEO David Askew speaks about ABB robots being the best, easiest to use, integrate, maintain and service

Fast Automation has executed some of the most challenging automation projects in the world. From remote Antarctic control telescopes to automatic Human Injectable solution handling, to automatic gas filling systems and explosives detection and tracking systems for airports.

They’ve delivered over 1600 projects in the past 24 years and included ABB robots in these for the last 5.  Recently, they became an ABB Robotics Authorized Value Provider (AVP).

CEO David Askew says, “we’re a growing, ambitious, diverse group of dedicated and hardworking individuals continuing to seek out new challenges and exciting opportunities.  We’ve already been programming and supplying ABB robots for several years now, becoming an AVP was a natural progression. 

Traditionally, we’d been providing programming control systems that go alongside conveyors and machines which may involve robot cells. Noticing a substantial increase in requests from customers to do more turnkey projects, and provide the entire automated solution, it made sense for us to broaden our ABB robotics portfolio offering.”

David has noticed an increase in demand for robots in manufacturing in the post-pandemic world, where major Australian industries started to pay keen attention recognising that technology solved a lot of their labour and skills shortage challenges. 

Not unlike other geographical regions, businesses continue to try to stay competitive and increasingly understand that not only do labour shortages present new opportunities for robotic automation, but that AI and connected digital networks will make robots easier to use, enabling them to take on more tasks in new industries leaving highly skilled staff free to undertake more valuable roles in the workplace.

"We've never failed to deliver a project - ever"

David continues,  “we seem to be very good at automation and robotics because we’ve never failed to deliver a project - ever.  That’s what’s unique about us, and we’re proud of that.”

  • Fast Automation project: ABB robots applied in a customer’s facility. A robotic collating, strapping and palletising system of plastic components that are utilised on train tracks.
  • Fast Automation project: This project shows ABB robots palletising domestic and industrial air conditioning units.
  • Fast Automation project: Local manufacturer uses ABB robots in a palletising system of earth bricks for large scale mushroom production. ABB’s IRB460 industrial robots achieve almost 1 second per product picking rate.
  • (L-R): Peter Bradbury, Channel Manager for ABB Robotics in Australia presents the ABB Authorized Value Provider plaque to David Askew, CEO for Fast Automation

The difference ABB robotics has made to their business

In his interview, David openly shared feedback on Fast Automation projects delivered to customers which have included ABB robots.

"Customers say ABB robots are the best, easiest to operate, integrate, maintain and service"

“They say they’re the best, easiest to operate, integrate, maintain and service. Because ABB as a brand is so prevalent in the industry the economies of scale that go with that allows us to consistently obtain the support we need from ABB thanks to their global footprint. That, and the completeness of their range, make ABB obvious partner.

David talks to a few exciting projects currently in their pipeline. “We currently have a few active robotics projects. One is a world’s first project to rapidly manufacture a building product.  It uses three ABB robots including the IRB920 -one of the fastest SCARA industrial robots with a cycle time of 0.29 seconds.

Another project is for an Australian startup which uses large ABB IRB6700 robots to help assemble solar panel arrays. We’re also commissioning a project with another three robots to assist with manufacturing commercial recycling products.  Plus, we’re working on a project which will use multiple ABB IRB 52 compact painting robots to automate some of the labour intensive tasks in the gas industry.

With these projects we expect to help our clients level up especially in competitiveness through significant efficiency gains.  Our motto sums it up: ‘We help our clients do more for less, better, safer and faster’”

What’s to come in Fast Automation’s future?

In a rapidly changing marketplace and economy, David says their goal is to continually progress and learn about what’s at the forefront of automation. Fast Automation opened a Victorian office last year and he says the company is excited to expand to Queensland next, with more innovate work to come.

Recognising the ever-growing importance of creating more energy efficient buildings, David says he’s elated to create system innovations that use robotics to enable better energy control and manageability which ultimately leads to a more sustainable future.

“I believe the key to doing well is to invest heavily in people so hiring right is crucial,” he says. The company is also continuing to invest in upskilling Australia’s youth.  They currently employ three highly skilled university students to support their hands-on learning in the workplace as part of their final year project directives. 

Reflecting on his ongoing business relationship with Fast Automation, Peter Bradbury, Channel Manager for ABB Robotics in Australia says, “they’re one of the fastest growing automation companies in Australia, already in two states with plans to be national. They’ve never walked away from a project which is a testament to their exceptional customer service, and vibrantly youthful talented team who are successfully driving this expansion. Inevitably we’ll be hearing more good news about this company as they continue to develop in their market.”


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