Automatic back-up in ACH580

Automatic back-up in ACH580

Did you know you can back-up a variable speed drive's (VSD's) parameters to its control panel? Even better, did you know the ACH580 AUTOMATICALLY backs up its parameters to its control panel?

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Many drives offer the ability to back up the drive’s parameters to the control panel. This is a great feature for scenarios where a drive fails and is replaced with the same model. First, remove the control panel and put it on the replacement drive, then download the parameters to the replacement drive. No reverse engineering is needed!

But we live in the real world and no matter how helpful the feature is, we can forget to use it. The start-up technician may not have known about it. They may have forgotten to back up the parameters or the back-up became outdated because it was done before Test and Balance (T&B) or Building Automation Systems (BAS) tweaks.

The ACH580 solves these problems by AUTOMATICALLY making a back-up. It can save (3) different backups (2) manual back-ups and (1) automatic back-up.


In the image below, there is the original manual backup done on 02/16/18, a manual backup on 03/29/18, and then an automatic back-up occurred 12/05/19 because a parameter was changed but no manual backup was done.

This is another example where the ACH580 reinvented a feature to make it more helpful in the HVACR real world.


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