REX640 takes another step to support the transition towards digital switchgear

REX640 takes another step to support the transition towards digital switchgear

ABB’s all-in-one protection relay for advanced power generation and distribution applications, REX640, releases new hardware for increased flexibility with more interface options.

In yet another step to support the increasing digitalization of substations, ABB releases two new hardware modules for REX640, an RTD (resistance temperature detector) module and a sensor input module. The new RTD module allows the hardware configurations to be optimized and binary and analog inputs to be mixed to meet process-specific requirements. The new sensor input module supports using current and voltage sensors according to the latest IEC 61869 standard. This increases the interoperability of substation automation devices, which facilitates the transition towards digital switchgear.

REX640 has also been granted two new certificates, a marine certificate issued by Der Norske Veritas (DNV) and an Achilles certificate for cyber security. The type approval granted by DNV certifies that REX640 complies with DNV rules for installations inside switchboards and enclosures onboard ships and offshore units. This certificate opens up the possibility of supporting an entirely new market segment. The Achilles certificate certifies that REX640 complies with the requirements set forth by Achilles Level II Certification, which is recognized as the industry standard for both verifying network robustness and validating best practices for cyber security.

For more on REX640, please visit the product page and campaign page, and use our new intuitive e-business platform, ABB Relays-Online, to further explore and configure your unique REX640 relay.


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