ABB Relays-Online

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ABB Relays-Online makes finding, selecting, ordering, and tracking of your next digital substation product order quick and easy. The modular e-business platform is the one place where you will find most of the needed functionality to take your daily power distribution protection and control business to the next level.

The platform is globally accessible and allows you to explore, build and order your product anytime, anywhere. 

How do I get access?

You gain access to ABB Relays-Online via creating a personal account on the platform. After registering, you gain access to the functionality you need based on your role. The platform offers a variety of functionality, and you can customize the interface based on your own preferences. For even more value, you can also request access to additional functionality and services, as needed.

To learn more check out the news article and flyer or watch the recording of the 'Get to know ABB Relays-Online' webinar

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