ABB Finland site achieves UL-validated platinum rating for Zero Waste to Landfill

ABB Finland site achieves UL-validated platinum rating for Zero Waste to Landfill

  • Fourth ABB Electrification site to receive Zero Waste to Landfill achievement independently verified by UL Solutions
  • 100% of site’s waste diverted from landfill with 35% thermal processing for energy recovery
  • Further milestone for ABB’s commitment to preserve resources, minimizing waste in its own operations and for customers

ABB Vaasa in Finland is the latest company site to achieve a platinum rating for zero waste to landfill, according to the UL2799A Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste Classifications. The facility joins three UL validated ABB sites in Italy and China, as a part of ABB’s commitment to send zero waste to landfill while reducing waste generation by 2030.

 “We are embedding sustainability and circularity across our complete value chain – our people are committed to eliminating waste from landfill. This milestone shows it’s possible and will inspire us to continue to drive positive change, delivering more sustainable solutions for our customers, said Tero Talvitie, Vice President of ABB Smart Power Vaasa.

The platinum rating by UL Solutions is the result of the Vaasa team’s continuous efforts and demonstrates the facility’s responsible and innovative waste management strategy. Vaasa is also an ABB Mission To Zero site, using smart energy management and renewables to achieve continuous carbon footprint improvements.

Training has been critical in educating, empowering, and building a culture where waste sorting is a priority. It covered waste management according to current environmental legislation and the importance of waste separation. The shift to a more robust recycling system has been an organic process for the Vaasa site employees as Finland’s legislation now requires all domestic waste to be recycled as well.

UL’s Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill requires at least 90% diversion with methods other than waste to energy. The Vaasa teams now divert 100% of the site’s waste from landfill and have achieved the highest platinum rating. The waste is reused, recycled, or composted with 35% processed for energy production.

ABB Vaasa is continually enhancing its waste treatment processes. To find a more circular solution for wood waste - originating from packaging and damaged pallets - the team collaborated with external partner, Stena Recycling. Here’s how the process works:

  • Verdis Oy, an environmental management company, now transports wood waste to the Stena Recycling facility in Vaasa.
  •  At Stena Recycling, the wood waste is meticulously shredded into P63-sized chips.
  •  These recycled chips are then delivered to a third partner, Mustankorkea Oy.
  • At Mustankorkea Oy, the wood chips serve as crucial supporting material for the composting process and are a component of the end product: composted soil. 

This innovative approach not only addresses waste management but also closes the loop on the Vaasa site’s wood resources.

Transparent plastic film has been recycled at ABB Vaasa for around 10 years. To increase recycling of plastic further, the plant team has stepped up its sorting of industrial plastic packaging.

  • ABB Smart Power Vaasa is the one of the first ABB facilities worldwide to achieve platinum rating for zero waste to landfill
  • The commitment of ABB Vaasa's people made waste reduction milestones possible
  • All waste is sorted at ABB Vaasa


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