Proudly presenting - Relion® REB500 version 8.3

June 19TH, 2019

A new release of the REB500 is now ready to serve the market. The designation of this release is version 8.3.

About REB500

REB500 distributed busbar protection belongs to the Relion protection and control product family. The product is designed to provide the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. REB500 supports different busbar protection philosophies. A distributed solution can be made by assigning each physical bay unit into the corresponding bay cubical. Alternatively, bay units can be integrated into centralized cubicles.

New features and benefits in REB500 version 8.3

The following new features and their benefits are introduced in this release:

  • GOOSE send for trip and remote trip enables Digital substation solutions where system design can be optimized, and copper wiring can be eliminated.
  • The Bay Units can now include Synchro check and Auto Recloser functionality for complete line protection solutions as an addition to the busbar protection.
  • Test Facility for testing trip circuits per feeder using the LHMI of the BU enables efficient testing of the BU and related wiring
  • The availability of the protection system has been increased due to the reduced need for a reboot after changing protection settings and the shortened start-up time of the system.
  • For enhanced utilization Multiple signal statuses it is now possible to assign multiple Signal to one LED on the LHMI
  • It is now possible to indicate Switchgear Position indication using multiple colors of one LED.
  • It is now possible to indicate the Bay Unit connection status on the CU LHMI
  • Additional Disturbance Recorder channels (Phase difference) available at the Central Unit
  • New Signal “41850_Time not in sync“ is set in case the time sync is missing
  • BFP blocks in case of a BFP start supervision alarm delayGOOSE communication did not correctly work during some circumstances.

Read all about this release in the Release note.

Kind regards,

Lars Frisk, Global Lead Product Manager


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