ABB provides emergency lighting for new-build Sligro

Your employees will never be out in the cold

At Sligro they do not leave their employees out in the cold. And so the cold stores and freezers of the new Deventer location were equipped with VanLien emergency lighting from ABB. The emergency power supply was placed outside the cold rooms to ensure optimum security and safety.

Sligro distribution center in Deventer, The Netherlands
Sligro distribution center in Deventer, The Netherlands

An impressive new Sligro distribution center is being built at the A1 business park in Deventer. The building represents the new activities of the wholesaler, says Mark Stabel, technical buyer electrical at Sligro: “In 2017, we expanded our services by taking over wholesale and delivery services from Heineken. We delivered a lot of chips and nuts, Heineken of course, drinks for catering companies and events. We still do that now. The acquisition means that we have to integrate our delivery service and that of Heineken, which includes new locations, including one here in Deventer. This new building includes a distribution center, offices, a collection counter and cold stores.” There are a total of eight locations in which Sligro integrates the two services. Whereas two separate trucks currently drive to customers, one from Sligro and one from Heineken, that will soon be just one.

Premium brand

For Mark Stabel, it is the third project in four years, so he knows what requirements and wishes he has in terms of electrical engineering. “Our concept is formulated, so we then engage an electrical installer and pass on our requirements and desired partners to them.” The fact that ABB and VanLien are among them is an obvious given for Stabel. “VanLien is a premium brand for emergency lighting. Based on our previous experiences, we always go with this brand. Their luminaires always work and any problems are solved quickly.”

Central emergency power supply system Emex Power
Central emergency power supply system Emex Power

Nice piece of technology

The installer for this project was Gedo Elektro from Veghel. Carl Manders, owner of Gedo: “We do a lot of work for Sligro. These are always fun, technical assignments. It was their wish to work with ABB. That has everything to do with the good service they provide for the various components. In addition, ABB was already our in-house brand.” The project in Deventer was a fun job for Gedo, says Manders: “In this project, the batteries are at a central location and not in the field. This has to do with the temperature in the cold stores and freezers. That is a nice piece of technology. We had tight deadlines here and also had to deal with customization. However, that went very well.” He is satisfied with the end result: “It looks good. The office now has really beautiful luminaires, that is thanks to ABB using VanLien emergency lighting. The Evago luminaires are very chic. And VanLien is simply a top brand.” All three parties emphasize that the cooperation was very good. Despite the intense time pressure, all deadlines were met. Carl Manders: “Good agreements were made among themselves and all parties worked together well.”

Lutia escape route lighting
Lutia escape route lighting

Different types of luminaires

Three different types of products were used to provide the best luminaires for all rooms. Rolf Kremer, account manager at ABB, explains how that works: “Our newest, weather-resistant Lutia type luminaires were used outside on the facade. We opted for Evago luminaires in the offices. Thanks to their sleek design, they fit perfectly in the beautiful spaces. Emergency lighting of the Aqualux type were installed in the cold stores and freezers, in combination with Emex Power.” This system consists of a number of switched batteries that are continually charged and checked. Because batteries do not really like cold, the emergency power supply has been placed in the technical room. “This way you always know for sure that the emergency lighting works in the event of an emergency.” Mark Stabel adds: “We want to be sure that our employees can flee quickly in the event of an emergency. In our freezer room, that is certainly of great importance. We only work with premium brands at Sligro. With VanLien emergency lighting, ABB is certainly counted among them. The safety of our employees is always paramount, we do not skimp on that.”

So many wishes, so many solutions

The following VanLien luminaires are used in the new Sligro building:

  • Lutia, robust escape route lighting for outdoor applications.
  • Evago, sleek and modern designed luminaires, highly suited for representative spaces and offices.
  • Aqualux luminaires, for example, are used in the cold stores and freezers, in combination with the central emergency power supply system Emex Power.


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