ABB is showcasing how it drives the digital transformation of industries

From November 26 to 28 at SPS IPC Drives, the leading trade fair for smart and digital automation (hall 4, booth 420) in Nuremberg, ABB is showcasing products, systems and solutions that drive the digital transformation of industries. ABB’s digital solutions allow companies of any size in the manufacturing and process industries to increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and improve safety and security.

With ABB Ability™ Verification for measurement devices ABB offers the best possible check of measurement accuracy, without removal of the devices from the production process. With this digital solution customers can reduce the cost of maintenance, enhance process performance and quality of products considerably. On the website dedicated to the service interested customers can download a demo version of the latest software and to evaluate.

Sami Atiya, President of ABB's Robotics and Discrete Automation Business and Hans Wimmer, B&R Managing Director, ABB on full robot-computer integration

ABB also announced the first fully integrated machine-centric robotics solution since ABB Robotics and B&R Industrial Automation joined together earlier this year.  Showcased in hall 7, booth 206, the solution eliminates the need for a dedicated robotics controller, a separate control cabinet and specialists for specific robotics language. Offering unprecedented levels of machine flexibility and precision, the integration of robotics with machine control into one unified architecture will enable manufacturers to embrace the trend of mass customization and optimize their lot size one processes. The new solution reduces complexity and enhances synchronization to provide customers with unprecedented precision and more user-friendly programming, enabling the robots to communicate with the machine at a microsecond level, which was unimaginable before.  The robots are programmed in B&R's universal engineering environment just like all other automation components, while in the digital twin the user can simulate and optimize the machine's entire motion sequence, including the robotics, before the machine is built. This makes engineering and development both faster and cheaper, which in turn lowers the threshold for those looking to implement robotics in their production machinery and increases the return on investment.

Full robot-computer integration
Full robot-computer integration

ABB has extended the scope of its ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain concept that connects drives, motors, pumps and bearings with a new Condition-Based Maintenance service option for drives. This new option provides the earliest possible warning of any abnormal conditions that might cause a drive to fail prematurely. The service is targeted for drives in critical applications in the oil and gas, metals, water and wastewater, and pulp and paper industries, where it is essential to avoid costly unplanned plant shutdowns. The ABB Ability™ Condition-Based Maintenance monitors the condition of variable speed drives and accurately estimates the remaining life of its key components.

ABB has upgraded its market-leading range of Slimline XR low-voltage switch fuse disconnectors, reducing power losses by up to 35 percent and increasing potential space savings. A host of technical advances and design improvements make the Slimline XR range smart, with higher-performance and suitability for even more demanding applications. The Slimline XR can now also access a range of remote supervision and operation functions. The device connects easily to the ABB Ability™ cloud platform. If fuses blow or temperatures or currents exceed set limits, alerts are sent to key personnel, making it easier to maintain continuous operations.

 ABB's Slimline XR low-voltage switch fuse disconnectors
ABB's Slimline XR low-voltage switch fuse disconnectors

ABB's ACS880LC liquid-cooled variable speed drives can be installed in fully enclosed cabinets because they use liquid instead of air to cool power components and control electronics. This eliminates the need for costly air filtration or additional air conditioning in the control rooms, making them suitable for use in harsh operating environments. The result is compact, easy-to-install frequency converters with low operating noise and lower operating costs. ABB will be exhibiting a regenerative multidrive cabinet unit of the ACS880LC at SPS 2019. Depending on the application, several motors can be driven simultaneously or partially regenerated. The energy requirement can be balanced in this way, the feed-in only supplies the differential energy. If the application generates more energy in generator mode than is consumed by the motors, the ACS880 Multidrive feeds this energy back into the grid. Brake choppers and resistors are not required.

ABB is launching a Smart Temperature Monitoring Relay, which covers a range of different customer needs with just one versatile device. Innovations include an LCD screen that provides status updates and readings with a single glance and Near Field Communication (NFC) that enables users to install settings with one touch of a smartphone, making installation faster and more intuitive than ever before. The Smart Temperature Monitoring Relay covers an enormous range of applications, eliminating the need for companies to stock, manage and configure many different devices. Its wide setting range and incompatibility with different sensors, such as the PTC and PT 100, makes the device fully flexible.

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