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ABB Ability™ Verification
for measurement devices 

The best possible check of measurement accuracy, without removal from the process.

Helping to reduce the cost of maintenance and enhancing process performance

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ABB Ability Verification Overview


Supported product lines

The software supports a range of ABB devices including:
  • Electromagnetic flow meter product lines
    –  AquaAmaster4
    –  WaterMaster
    –  ProcessMaster FEX300 | FEX500
    –  ProcessMaster FEX610 | FEX630
  • Vortex and swirl flow meter lines
    –  VortexMaster
    –  SwirlMaster
  • Supported communication protocols
    – HART
    – NFC
    – IR
  • Software language
    – English


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  1. What are the Verification Software license variants?

    a. Free software testing – This is free version with basic verification.
    b. Licensed software testing – This is licensed version with Verification via Software (Standard)
    c. Traceable transmitter input/output Tester- This is licensed version with Input/Output tests performed with Hardware box.
    d. Traceable electromagnetic flowmeter testing- This is licensed version with detailed measurements and simulation of verification parameters of Electromagnetic Flowmeters

  2. Can the user perform Verification without license?

    Yes user can perform basic verification (Free Software Testing), report will not be generated. The test result would either be Pass/Fail with no detailed test results.

  3. What is the test equipment needed for licensed software testing?

    Any meter that can measure Voltage (V), Current (mA) and Frequency (Hz).

  4. Can the user calibrate the device with ABB AbilityTM Verification for measurement devices software? This software is only to verify the health status of the device and cannot calibrate the device.

  5. What are the licensing options?

    User can buy Count based (10 or 25 counts) or time based license (annual).

  6. What is default Username and Password?

    Username: Admin
    Password: 123

  7. How to uninstall the software?

    User can uninstall the software from “Control Panel> Programs and Features> ABB AbilityTM Verification for measurement devices” and click on Uninstall

    While Uninstallation it would ask “Do you want to delete the database?” Yes/No

    User can select “Yes” if all the past tests are to be deleted, if not “No”.

  8. Can user execute verification tests after installation of Software?

    User should import device specific VDF (Verification Definition File) to perform verification.

  9. Should I unzip the VDF (Verification Definition File) file and import?

    You can import the VDF file directly without unzipping.

  10. Which Windows operating system does the software support?

    VT software works on Windows 7,8,10.

    It can be installed on Windows Desktops, Laptops and Tablets.

  11. Can the user transfer license from one laptop to another?

    Yes license can be transferred.

  12. To whom should the C2V file be emailed to generate license?

    C2V file can be sent to for license generation.

  13. Can I change existing valid/unexpired license?

    Yes existing valid/unexpired license can be changed, please contact for further details.

  14. ABB AbilityTM Verification for measurement devices software version 03.43.02 will pop-up a window “Evaluation version.”while opening report, please click on OK to open the report.

Reporting a software bug
To help us improve our software please complete this form. Please also check our FAQs section to understand if there is already a fix in place to your inquiry.