ABB to modernize Turkish power distribution network

One of the largest utilities in Turkey has selected ABB’s [ Relion® 615 series ] protection and control relays to upgrade its distribution grid and make it more reliable.

ABB's Medium Voltage Products has received its biggest ever single relay sales order from the Turkish utility, Cengiz Limak Kolin Energy (CLK Energy). The order is for REF615 feeder protection and control relays and the order consists of more than 5500 relays.

The utility is modernizing its distribution grid to ensure reliable power to its more than 10 million customers. The investment in modern protection relays will significantly improve the power quality of the electrical grid. The purpose of the protection relay is to detect faults in the network and eliminate them. When faults are eliminated injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment can be avoided and uninterrupted supply of electricity can be maintained.

In this large-scale initiative ABB, on top of the relays, also provides the enterprise software and remote terminal units (RTU) to ensure secure communication in the network and shorten the duration in case of a power outage. The enterprise software integrates smart equipment with industrial software for distribution management, outage management, mobile workforce management and business analytics. The RTUs are microprocessor-controlled electronic devices that act as the interface between control and measurement points in the substation and communicates that data to the enterprise software.

ABB's products and solutions will strengthen the power distribution network in the regions of Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya and Sivas. The relays are to be delivered and installed in 2015.

ABB's comprehensive offering of high quality products and solutions to ensure power efficiency and reliability in combination with a solid business relationship built over time allowed this record-breaking deal to come to a close.

The Turkish economy is growing and heavy investments into the energy infrastructure is needed in the next 15 years. "The electricity market in Turkey is growing rapidly and we see an increasing demand for intelligent solutions. ABB provides state of the art distribution automation technology to improve efficient management and distribution of power. This deal is a major breakthrough in this high-growth market", says Peter Gross, Global Product Marketing Manager for Distribution Automation at ABB's Medium Voltage Products unit, a part of the company's Power Products division.

The Relion product family offers a full range of genuine IEC 61850 products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of generation, distribution, sub-transmission, and transmission systems.


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