SSC600 introduces substation-wide busbar protection for distribution networks

Centralizing all protection and control functionality on the substation level in a single IEC 61850-compliant device, SSC600 is now ready to protect and control the whole busbar with up to 20 bays.


Designed to support the increasing digitalization of substations, ABB AbilityTM smart substation control and protection for electrical systems, SSC600, represents an innovative way of looking at protection and control in distribution networks. With all protection and control functionality centralized in one device in the substation, SSC600 offers extensive application coverage, reduces network complexity, allows cost-efficient process management, and supports optimal, lifelong asset management for the digital substation. Combining SSC600 with merging units creates a unique, future-proof, IEC 61850-compliant centralized protection and control solution.

The modular software and the continuous access to new software developments allow easy customization and adaptation to changing protection requirements for the lifetime of the digital substation. The advantage of only having to modify one device instead of all bay-level protection and control devices makes upgrading the entire substation system easier than ever.

A secure and reliable busbar protection is key to avoiding unnecessary disconnection of numerous feeders, which might otherwise cause a power outage for many utility customers or production downtime in industry. The busbar protection also needs to be fast enough as uncleared faults generate high fault currents resulting in thermal effects and dynamic forces that might cause severe damage to the switchgear.

SSC600 therefore introduces an advanced, low impedance-based, high-speed busbar differential protection for detecting faults within the distribution substation and suitable for a variety of switchgear. Depending on the substation configuration, the busbar differential protection consists of either one or two busbar zones and is suitable for both single and double-busbar configurations. By simply adding the new software, SSC600 will also be able to protect and control the entire busbar and its up to 20 bays. Ensuring a reliable, up-to-date and optimized busbar protection in the digital substation does not get any simpler than this.

For more information, please visit the SSC600 introduction portal and the SSC600 product page or use ABB’s intuitive online Product Selection Tool (PST) to easily configure your unique product – with no risk of configuration errors. PST also allows convenient access to the latest product and price information. 


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