ABB’s new Baldor-Reliance® EC Titanium™ for pump, fan and compressed air systems

Globally, demand for electricity will grow faster than for any other form of final energy. Thus, emissions will keep rising, unless we start doing something different.

This global electricity demand growth is expected to double by 2040.  With electric motors consuming an estimated 1/3 of the world’s electricity… that number is expected to be the equivalent to adding an electricity market the size of China.

Source: IEA WEO 2017
Source: IEA WEO 2017

In the US, as example, the applications which are the primary consumers of electricity are pump, fan and compressed air systems. There is heightened focus on improving system efficiency for these particular applications because most installations run at partial speed and reduced load ranges.  Equipment manufacturers are seeking IE5 efficiencies over a wide speed and load range – not just at peak operating conditions. New legislation will require overall equipment designs to achieve high efficiencies at multiple points across their operating range.

Source: US DOE Energy Footprints 2015
Source: US DOE Energy Footprints 2015

Motor standards have been in place for decades, yet there is a growing demand to achieve greater efficiencies as regulations continue to tighten on the total design of fans, pumps and compressed air packages. Equipment manufacturers are turning to new motor technologies to achieve the highest system efficiency possible from wire to air while using sustainable materials.

Introducing the Baldor-Reliance® EC Titanium  integrated motor-drive.  Our solution incorporates permanent magnet rotor technology to achieve IE5+ (NEMA Ultra-Premium) efficiency at rated design while maintaining performance across varying speeds and load conditions. Equipment incorporating this technology can therefore achieve optimal performance no matter the operating point.

This highly efficient integrated motor drive is a step above traditional EC motor designs and delivers up to 16% efficiency gains compared to IE3 or NEMA Premium efficient motors.  The EC Titanium is paired with an electronic drive control that enables the use of advanced motor control algorithms for higher efficiencies across the speed load range than traditional EC (electrically commutated) motor solutions. By utilizing a drive to control motors, up to 40% energy savings are achieved. 

 To find out more on EC Titanium and how this will help with your pump, fan, or compressed air system efficiencies, watch this video here:


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