Four simple ways to cut energy costs in your retail business

Four simple ways to cut energy costs in your retail business

Retailers, supermarkets and specialty stores can save as much as 20 percent on energy costs without a complex building automation solution or the use of motion detectors. How is this possible? By simply controlling lighting based on demand. In modern electrical installations, this can be easily implemented by using digital time switches in main or sub-distribution.

Here are four ways retailers can significantly reduce energy consumption:

Control interior lighting based on opening hours

One of the advantages of a store, in terms of energy savings, is that it has fixed opening hours as well as fixed work schedules before opening or after closing time. This makes energy management easier as the time of energy usage is fixed. At times, when the store or building is empty, the lighting can be automatically switched off via a digital weekly timer, resulting in instant energy savings.

Only switch on outdoor lighting at dusk

Shop windows, advertising posters or parking lots that are illuminated during the day are real energy guzzlers. A fixed time-based control is not helpful here, as sunrise and sunset times vary greatly throughout the year. An astronomical clock can track twilight and sunset times through the year and switch lights on reliably at twilight. This solution also does away with the need to place light sensors on the outside facade.

Sync energy usage with holidays

Most stores are closed on public holidays, offering the opportunity to limit energy consumption to absolute necessities. By using calendar-based annual clocks or vacation programs, individual days or longer periods can be suspended from the standard programming. In this way, public holidays and school or company vacations can be easily taken into account to curtail energy consumption.

Go beyond controlling light

For stores and companies, using a lighting control system tailored to specific needs, along with automated pumps and irrigation systems, can maximize energy savings. With a cycle program, consumption can be controlled at regular intervals. Irrigation systems or lawn sprinklers can be time-controlled, ensuring sustainable water supply. Meanwhile, fountains can be switched off automatically overnight, leading to higher energy efficiency.

By using the simple methods listed above, stores can add value to their businesses and become more sustainable. Reinforcing its mission to help customers operate in an energy-efficient manner, ABB offers digital time switches that help you adapt the use of energy to individual needs. Using these solutions, you can easily reduce energy costs at supermarkets, retail and specialty stores.

Taking you a step ahead, ABB’s DBT Timer application enables you to have better control on your energy consumption based on your energy usage patterns. Leveraging advance technology, you can save more than energy with this application, with significantly reduced configuration time and quick visualization.


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