Digital time switches

Customize your energy consumption

With ABB’s digital timer switches you can cut your energy consumption easily. The DBT timer app allows you to perfectly program the energy usage with a significantly reduced configuration time.

Lighting, heating, ventilation and watering of gardens can easily be controlled according to a customized schedule to only use the energy that is needed. DBT digital time switches are ideally suited to program the operation according to daily, weekly or annual schedules in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

In addition to saving energy, with the new DBT timer app you also save up to 80% of commissioning time and effort yourself.


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Main benefits

Easy programming

  • Choose between daily, weekly or yearly schedules
  • Astronomical and twilight functionalities
  • Standard, impulse, cyclic, random and holiday program
  • Automatic summer/winter time switch over
  • Accessories such as DY DCF77 and DY GPS antennas, channel extensions and the twilight sensor are also available


  • Continuous operation e.g. during black-outs
  • Digital time switches are equipped with large capacity internal batteries
  • Date and hour settings remain even during a power failure

Energy efficiency

  • Only use the energy that is needed
  • Depending on the application and level of automation, customers can save up to 50 % of energy

DBT Timer App


Reduced commissioning time

Bluetooth communication combined with the DBT Timer APP available for Android and iOS ensure smart configuration and quick visualization. This functionality allows to create new programs, manually control the relay output(s) and activation of the random and cyclic function, view parameters, simply using the smartphone or tablet.
With DY365 yearly timer combined with 2CE or 4CE channel extensions it is possible to configure up to 8 channels, with a commissioning time that can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a standard configuration.

Check out how easy it is to use the DBT Timer app by watching this video.

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Public gardens

The device programming enables the activation of irrigation system according to sunrise and sunset time defined automatically thanks to the integrated astronomical functions.

Commercial building

In commercial buildings such as offices, lighting, heating and ventilation systems can be controlled based on the different days of the week or holiday period.

Industrial building

Availability to control the lighting system in multiple rooms thanks to the channel extension that makes the yearly time switch able to control up to 8 relays.

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