Analog time switches

Customize your energy consumption

Adapting the use of energy to individual needs is a simple but effective way to save up to 50% of energy on average. With ABB’s analog time switches, lighting, heating, ventilation and watering can be scheduled according to daily or weekly programs by controlling the circuit opening and closing.

Our AG range of analog time switches is suitable for installation in residential and commercial buildings, for example to control the lighting systems of shops, fountains and watering of public gardens, opening and closing of shutters in schools or the heating and ventilation systems in offices.

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Main benefits

Ease of use

  • Quick and easy wiring
  • Intuitive programming and setting of schedules
  • Easy accessibility of the dial on the front analog time switches ensures precise programming


  • Available with and without power reserve
  • Internal battery ensures service continuity and maintains the programmed schedule in case of temporary power supply failures

Energy efficiency

  • Only use the energy that is needed
  • Depending on the application and level of automation, customers can save up to 50 % of energy


Public gardens

The device enables the activation and deactivation of the irrigation system at a specific time

Shop windows

To command the lowering or lifting of shutters at defined time

Residential buildings

To command the heating, lighting, venting activation at specific time, allowing energy savings

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