ABB Novolink™ modules integrate industrial motor starting solutions into smart manufacturing strategies

ABB Novolink™ modules integrate industrial motor starting solutions into smart manufacturing strategies

Novolink™ modules integrate AF contactors into automation and smart factory systems, enabling real-time optimization and predictive maintenance

ABB is closing the gap between factory floor electric motors and smart factories. The company’s new Novolink smart device modules for AF contactors are fully compatible with B&R PLCs and automation system, the integrated software environment used by many advanced machine builders.

Motors make the industrial world go around – there are millions installed worldwide. With the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimating that industrial electric motor-driven systems account for around 30% of global electricity consumption. Novolink connects electrical motors into higher-level automation and smart factory systems, giving customers the real-time data and analytics they need to make a real impact on their operational efficiency and to implement energy saving strategies.

Pietro Esposto, Global Product Group Manager for ABB’s Motor Starting & Safety business, said: “The launch of these Novolink devices shows why ABB is a leading technology partner for machine builders as they expand their smart manufacturing capabilities. Novolink is the only solution to offer the highest levels of out-of-the-box functionality using AF contactors and no specialist cabling. Novolink delivers high-grade motor protection and monitoring in the simplest, most efficient way possible.”

Novolink is quick to commission. The slim device simply snaps on and retrofits readily to existing 24 V DC coil contactors of the AF range. Data from contactors, the motor and connected loads integrates seamlessly into the B&R automation system. Programming is simple with all the data available from a single feeder node making it easy to customize protection functions to the needs of the application.

“Novolink’s remote monitoring capabilities identify issues early on, keeping maintenance well ahead of any problems and ensuring equipment lasts longer,” said Peter O. Müller, Global Product Manager for ABB’s Electronic Relays & Controls. ”By monitoring key electrical measures as well as significant maintenance counters that are important for motors and general load feeders, the Novolink smart devices take Industry 4.0 digitalization strategies to a new level. Data-driven functions including predictive maintenance, remote control, real-time optimization, instant fault diagnosis and predictive analytics can help factories to improve operational performance, reliability and long-term costs.”

The SFM1 Novolink contactor module monitors key maintenance statistics, including motor operating hours, contactor switching cycles and trips.

For operations requiring greater motor protection, the optional SCV10 Novolink smart current voltage module is available to monitor the status of connected equipment. The smart current voltage module measures line voltages, phase currents, power, frequency, total harmonic distortions and other important parameters.

For optimized control of selectable trip classes 5E-30E, an advanced thermal model calculates the actual thermal load, time to trip, and time to cool. The device also integrates current transformers up to 40 A nominal current and voltage measurement up to 690 V AC. The devices help detect any load supply or feeder side issues, making problem solving faster.

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Novolink is the latest addition to ABB’s uniquely comprehensive automation portfolio and the company offers a range of solutions that combine easily with B&R systems. ABB Jokab Safety sensors, for example, are tested and certified to connect directly to the B&R safety system, enhancing automation solutions.

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