Novolink - Advanced digitalization, simplified

The all-new ABB Novolink™ devices help digitalize motor starting solutions and gain insights into the connected loads. They're easy to design into existing wiring plans and connect to standard AF contactors. Installation is fast and simple, thanks to reduced wiring and fewer components, so engineering efforts are minimized.
The Novolink devices enables predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, as well as increasing efficiencies and boosting cost savings. It‘s fully integrated into the B&R automation system. And the possibilities open up even more as full remote access to your data creates new maintenance service and revenue opportunities.


Ease of design and commissioning
Innovation through digitalization
Optimized operations and maintenance

1Reduced number of components and simplified wiring
In an increasingly fast-​paced world, the need for rapid, effective integration with existing systems is essential. Simply mount the device on an AF contactor to digitalize operations, without increasing the width of your contactor. Novolink devices are cost-​effective and even allow for the retrofitting of an existing 24 V DC supplied AF contactor. In such a case often only the control wiring needs to be changed.


3Transform your existing portfolio
Novolink uses standard components like AF contactors, to take your existing solution to another level of innovation. With no need for extensive training, the Novolink opens up new possibilities for your expertise. 



webimageReduced engineering efforts
An industrial environment is a complex space, which is why Novolink devices were expertly engineered to streamline high-​grade motor monitoring and protection. Its out-​of-the-box functionality ensures simplicity on the factory floor and beyond. The standard controls are ready to use without additional engineering and there is no need for expensive specialist cabling or additional training. Programming is drastically simplified because all data is available from a single node representing the feeder. Your motor protection is customizable to the need of your application.


enhancedEnhanced analytics for improved performance
Optimize the performance of your machine in real time with data-​driven decision making. The Novolink’s fully digitalized approach means that data trends can be analyzed over the long term so processes can be adapted to maximize performance.



buisnessCreate new business models
With Novolink, you can offer clients digital services like cloud-​based predictive maintenance to pinpoint potential faults with speed and accuracy. An increase of the overall equipment effectiveness is a relevant added value for your customers. Enhanced analytics brings machine builders and OEMs closer to their customers and enables more efficient re-​stocking via online data.




100 % data availability
Through the integrated connectivity and the seamless integration into B&R solutions, relevant information can be derived from raw data. Integration into other systems is easily possible with B&Rs OPC-​UA server solutions and other gateways.

downtimeReduce downtime
Use Novolink’s remote monitoring capabilities to reduce costs and increase overall uptime. Operatives can immediately isolate problem areas (like a malfunctioning load) and suggest solutions before disruption is caused. For ease of use, all control, monitoring and diagnostic signals are fully visible and there is clear fault localization



Avoid unnecessary scheduled servicing by moving from fixed service cycles with the Novolink devices. Advanced diagnostic capabilities make it easier to address issues on demand, from switching off idle processes to saving energy through optimizing parameters. You can combine real-​time diagnostics with long-​term data trend analysis to unlock new service modules.


maintenanceEnable preventive maintenance
Getting ahead of faults and problems is key to consistent uptimes, maintaining the longevity of equipment and ensuring the ongoing flow of production. With Novolink, you can set thresholds and receive pre-​warnings before equipment failure to reduce energy consumption through optimized operation parameters.

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