ABB expands the Arctic product family – introducing ARM600 M2M gateway as a software product

ABB has added ARM600SW to the Arctic product family of wireless communication products

The ARM600 M2M (machine-to-machine) gateway is now also available as a software product, ARM600SW. With this latest addition to the Arctic family of wireless communication products, customers can now run the well-known ARM600 functionality on a virtual machine or on any server.

Introducing the software product brings increased flexibility - allowing customers alternatives when building their networks and managing IT resources. With this product, customers can utilize the server hardware of their choice. It is also possible to utilize virtual machine capacity, i.e. using servers managed by third parties, such as data center operators. As ARM600SW is available as a software product, customers only need to increase performance capacity to fit it into their IT infrastructure.

The ARM600 gateways are powerful tools to manage communication networks and Arctic devices in the field. With the gateways customers can perform updates on their field devices remotely in a flexible and secure manner, as the communication between the control room and the devices on the field is done over the Internet and mobile networks, VPN tunnels and internal firewalls. Further, the ARM600 gateways offer centralized access for management and operability, built-in tools for troubleshooting, easy system backup and restoration, and condition monitoring of the mobile network connection status and quality.

ARM600SW is available globally for wireless communication and grid automation applications. On top of introducing ARM600 as a software product, in this new release there have also been enhancements in functionality to further improve performance, reliability, and cyber security.

The already familiar ARM600 M2M gateway with server hardware remains in the portfolio, for customers who prefer that option.

M2M gateway ARM600 is a member of the Arctic product family
M2M gateway ARM600 is a member of the Arctic product family

The Artic family offers the widest range of products and solutions for wireless communication in industrial and utility applications. With the offering customers are able to build reliable and cost-effective communication systems.

To learn more, please visit the M2M Gateway ARM600 web page


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