M2M Gateway ARM600

M2M Gateway ARM600M2M Gateway ARM600 is a member of ABB’s Arctic product family. The ARM600 is a communication server, a VPN concentrator and firewall. The ARM600 manages all Arctic Wireless Gateway connections and it is the centralized connection point between the field devices and the central control and monitoring system.

The M2M Gateway ARM600 is an essential part of the total communication solution. The communication solution is application independent – any type of remote application can be connected to any type of centralized control and monitoring application. The product is available as the software installation package (ARM600SW) and alternatively with the server hardware (ARM600).

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 Key benefits

  • Centralized condition monitoring and device management with Arctic Patrol
  • Secure communication tunnel through internet
  • Internal firewall for configurable routing inside the system
  • Up-to-date status of the mobile connections
  • Statistical data of the Arctic gateway connections
  • ARM600 can handle up to 3000 Arctic gateway connections

Key features

  • VPN concentrator
  • Firmware and configuration updates to connected Arctic wireless gateways
  • Automatic back-up of Arctic wireless gateway configurations
  • Supervises the mobile connections to the connected Arctic wireless gateways
  • Enables advanced remote management of all connected Arctic wireless gateways

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