ReliaGrid™ Smart Control Cabinet Solutions for Cable Networks

Solutions for automating the secondary distribution network

The rising demand for improved reliability and availability of power supply requires an increase in automation of the secondary distribution network. ABB’s portfolio of smart control cabinets offers a convenient and costeffective solution for effortless integration – equally suitable for 
new and retrofit installations.

ABB has developed a wide portfolio of control cabinets to be able to meet today’s diverse and evolving customer requirements within power distribution. The ready-made solutions offer a cost-effective and convenient way to increase automation in the distribution network to improve the availability and reliability of power supply. 

The modular cabinet design also supports fully customized solutions. Secure connectivity 
over the wireless network makes accessing the remote assets both easy and cost-effective.

The medium voltage cable network in urban centers, includes a large amount of secondary and compact secondary substations (CSS), especially with ring main units (RMU). These RMUs can be placed in a building of their own, e.g., a compact secondary substation or integrated into an electrical room in a bigger building.

The smart indoor control cabinet portfolio for cable networks includes four ready-made solutions, termed as 'GAI', for each of four levels of functionality and automation. The scalable design allows adaptation of the cabinets to suit a variety of primary equipment by implementing an appropriate level of automation:
- Level 1:  Situational awareness with remote monitoring
- Level 2:  Level 1 + Fault isolation with remote control
- Level 3:  Level 2 + Power flow management with advanced fault passage indication (FPI
- Level 4:  Level 3 + Protection selectivity when circuit breakers are integrated

In addition to the standardized offerings, the cabinets can be flexibly tailored to meet customer-specific requirements. The range of control cabinets for cable networks comes in different sizes and materials and can be flexibly mounted to suit a variety of installations.


  • Compact, wall mounted GAI1 cabinet with the wireless I/O gateway ARR600 and battery backup
  • Compact, wall mounted GAI3 cabinet with ARC600 and RIO600 for advanced FPI
  • Wall-mounted GAI3 cabinet for mounting next to an RMU inside a CSS
  • Top-mounted GAI3 cabinet designed for installation on top of an RMU
  •  IP43 or IP55
  • Cabinet enclosure in painted metal sheet,  stainless steel or fiberglass-reinforced polyester, with heating and fixing accessories for wall mounting
  • Plug-in connectors for easy connections to switchgear
  •  Interface for communication over public wireless networks


  • Improved availability and reliability of power supply
  • Cost-effective, flexible and convenient with ready-made solutions
  • Customization freedom with modular cabinet design
  • Wireless connectivity for easy and secure access to remote communications assets
  • Improved quality of power supply through less and shorter outages limited to a restricted part of the distribution network
  • Improved safety for the utility personnel through more exact fault location information
  • Improved operational efficiency through better tools for operators and field crew
  • More efficient utilization of the distribution network by minimizing network losses
  • Comprehensive and selective protection of the distribution network

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