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Greenheck Fan Corporation, based in Schofield, Wisconsin, USA, is a worldwide leader in air movement, conditioning and control equipment. Founded as a sheet metal shop in 1947, Greenheck has grown under a philosophy of continuous improvement and the determination to be the easiest company to do business with. Greenheck is committed to providing solutions to new industry challenges and making ventilation equipment more energy efficient, quieter, easier to install and maintain and capable of the highest performance standards. To continue to innovate and stay ahead of trends, Greenheck continuously evaluates new technologies that can impact the air movement industry, which helps ensure the company can consistently deliver relevant, needed products.

Tightening government regulations and customer demands for more sustainable, energy efficient products also drive innovation at Greenheck. When considering new, more efficient technology for its air handling systems, Greenheck tested several motor options - from traditional electronically commutated motors with permanent magnet rotors to switched reluctance designs - before ultimately selecting ABB’s Baldor-Reliance EC Titanium integrated motor drive. Greenheck found EC Titanium to not only exceed efficiency standards, but also run quieter and cooler and offer an exceptional range of performance and easy and intuitive control methods. And, since EC Titanium motors are offered in standard NEMA frame dimensions, they are readily compatible with Greenheck’s existing fan designs, allowing the company to offer its customers modular, customizable air handling solutions.

Over the past year, Greenheck has incorporated EC Titanium into several offerings, beginning with 1-3 HP motors. Now the company is expanding the lower-horsepower motors into more products, while pushing the boundaries with higher power motors as as well. Soon, EC Titanium motors from 1 to 10 HP motors will be standard in Greenheck’s air handling systems.

“When a new specification is being considered, we look at the physical fit of the motor or drive,” said Neil Printz, Commodity Manager, the Greenheck Group. “We also evaluate availability, life, durability and compliance. We then need to conduct testing with these products to ensure proper torque, acceptable heat generation and performance. The motor efficiency is amazing (IE5), but that is not all this package has to offer. There is a great range of performance, and easy/intuitive methods of control. These motors are based on NEMA frame dimensions and this allows us to set them in any of our fan designs. EC Titanium met all of our requirements, bridging our needs in one package.”


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