ABB refines power and performance with the third generation of Baldor-Reliance RPM AC motors

  • High performance and power density for demanding variable speed application requirements.
  • Highly customizable and modifiable with Quick Ship offerings
  • Easier specification, installation, operation, condition monitoring and DC-to-AC motor upgrades.

When space is at a premium, ABB’s Baldor-Reliance® RPM AC motors deliver the highest levels of performance. RPM AC is designed with a power-dense laminated steel frame with custom power and speed ratings to match demanding variable speed application requirements.

Designed for power; refined for performance.

From their introduction more than 30 years, RPM AC induction motors have stood the test of time, representing the best in high-performance, power-dense, true variable speed motors. Since then, RPM AC has evolved into one of the broadest variable speed AC motor offerings available. From 1HP to 1750HP, with customizable speed ranges in nearly any enclosure type, RPM AC is designed to handle the most difficult and demanding applications in industries such as chemical, oil and gas; plastics; HVAC; energy; forest products; metals and industrial automation.

The RPM AC motor is optimized for adjustable frequency service - not just a re-rate or over framing of a standard motor. All RPM AC motors are designed to provide continuous constant torque from base speed down to and including zero speed, and - unlike conventional sine wave motors - this means that the RPM AC motor will generate full rated torque, run continuously and not overheat at any speed below base speed. Above base speed, RPM AC produces constant horsepower up to its maximum capabilities.

With Generation 3, RPM AC raises the bar yet again. The power range has been extended, grounding provisions are now standard, setup and deployment are easier than ever and, when combined with optional ABB Ability™ smart sensor technology, connectivity and data analytics can be accessed by users and technicians onsite or remotely.

Gen 3 also introduces the web-based RPM AC Wizard, a new tool that allows customers to design a motor that best satisfies unique application requirements. Enter horsepower, base speed, top speed and overload requirements, and the Wizard designs a custom motor and full-load current rating that best fulfills the need of the specific application and industry. Another click produces complete electrical design curves, performance data and dimension sheets. RPM AC Wizard is a true motor design tool, not just a table look up program.

“RPM AC motors are ideally suited for use in variable speed applications that have traditionally been the realm of DC motors, but RPM AC offers many advantages over DC, with the most important being reduced maintenance requirements,” said Rick Kirkpatrick, Global Product Manager for Laminated AC and DC frame motors. “Generation 3 keeps the high-performance characteristics that our customers have come to trust and adds new features to make the motor easier to specify, install, operate and monitor.”

Since 1987, RPM AC has built a solid reputation on power and performance, but, as always, ABB continues to improve product design and manufacturing techniques, using the latest knowledge and technology, always with input from users. RPM AC is geared toward the future while retaining the tried-and-true features ABB’s customers have come to expect from a proven industrial workhorse.

The features customers have come to expect

  • Square laminated steel frame
  • Totally enclosed or drip-proof guarded, force ventilated enclosures
  • Class H insulation Wide range of ingress protection
  • Positive lubrication bearing system (PLS)
  • Encoder mounting provisions
  • Three thermostats
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Quick Ship program available
  • Insulated bearings on larger frame sizes

Raising the bar (Generation 3 enhancements)

  • RL5000 frame size delivers up to 1750Hp
  • Catalog versions of FL5800/TEBC motors up to 1000Hp (custom to 1250Hp)
  • Integral grounding brushes standard
  • ABB ABB Ability™ smart sensor ready
  • Web-based motor selection tool with mobile (iOS and Android) support
  • Oversize, rotatable, mill-spec conduit boxes
  • QR codes for detailed motor and drive setup information
  • Titanium gray, two-part epoxy coating

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