Upgrade of SSC600 enables protection for even larger substations

Upgrade of SSC600 enables protection for even larger substations

ABB Ability™ Smart Substation Control and Protection for electrical systems SSC600 was introduced in 2018. The revolutionary new approach to protection and control in distribution networks centralizes all protection and control functionality into one single device on the substation level. A single SSC600 device can now handle the tasks of 30 protection relays, compared to the 20 devices previously.

Centralizing all this functionality into one device in the substation reduces network complexity and supports optimal, lifelong asset management for digital substations. It also brings up to 15 percent savings in substation life cycle costs.

Since the launch, ABB has been continuously adding new features and functionality to meet the increased demand for more detailed information of distribution network behavior and performance.

With the latest upgrade, feature pack 3, ABB now introduces support for inter-substation communication for new kinds of network management or automation approaches with routable GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events). Substation communication over routed networks enables advanced control possibilities for distributed energy resources. As always with SSC600 the chosen approach is according to international standards, in this case IEC 61850-90-5.

To meet the needs of more complex switchgear, SSC600 now also offers improved busbar differential protection. Improvements include support for more measurements and more protection zones. Low impedance-based busbar differential protection is very important for clearing faults inside switchgear and mitigating impact. It is one of the fastest protection functions and it can be used for switchgear with multiple sections. You can learn more about the benefits of using SSC600 in busbar differential protection in this video.

SSC600 has been further enhanced and it can now handle the tasks of 30 protection relays.
SSC600 has been further enhanced and it can now handle the tasks of 30 protection relays.

Combined with merging units, SSC600 offers a unique and future-proof IEC 61850-compliant centralized protection and control solution. With only one device to modify, upgrading the entire substation system is fast and easy. The modular software allows customization and flexible modification to adapt to changing protection requirements for the lifetime of the digital substation. Continuous access to new software developments ensures SSC600 benefits from the very latest technological advancements within protection and control to guarantee an always up-to-date substation system.

With fewer components in the substation system, the amount of engineering is reduced. SSC600 is managed using the same familiar setting and configuration tool PCM600, which is used for configuring the whole range of Relion® family products.

For more information, please visit the SSC600 campaign page or join one of the release webinars on December 15, 2021. To register to the webinars, please go to:

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