ABB Latvia delivers energy efficient SynRM motor-drive solutions to District Heating customer

ABB Latvia delivers energy efficient SynRM motor-drive solutions to District Heating customer

ABB Latvia has supplied energy-efficient motors-drives packages to Riga District Heating company (Rīgas Siltums). Solution will be installed in the Imanta boiler house.

Rapidly rising electricity prices have prompted many companies to think about energy efficiency and ways to reduce energy consumption. This is also the case for Riga District Heating Company, which was the first customer in Latvia to require IE5 motor energy efficiency in their new installations.

"The customer chose this ABB solution because our SynRM IE5 motors are an excellent solution to increase the efficiency of pump and fan applications. SynRM technology allows to minimize rotor losses, thus way improving motor and overall application efficiency" said Nikita Petrovs, ABB Latvia Motion Business Manager.

ABB SynRM motor
ABB SynRM motor

In total, two motors for fans and one for pump were supplied, as well as corresponding ACS880-07 drives. Deliveries started in November 2021 and the project is scheduled for completion in summer of 2022. The equipment for the project has been manufactured in Finland at ABB's Helsinki and Vaasa plants.

Previously, the company used asynchronous induction motors. The introduction of the new motors is expected to significantly reduce energy consumption.

„Once the equipment is commissioned, another important part begins - measuring and analyzing energy consumption and the results of energy savings. Our view is that the number of SynRM motors in new installations will significantly increase in the future due to lower total cost of ownership" said Nikita Petrovs.

The Joint Stock Company Rīgas Siltums is the biggest District Heating (DH) company in Latvia and in the Baltic countries. The company is engaged in the production, transmission, distribution and sales of heat, the simultaneous production of heat and generation of power in cogeneration plants, as well as the servicing of the internal engineering systems of buildings. In addition to that, AS Rīgas Siltums offers installation of allocators of the payment for space heating at apartment houses, automated data reading from allocators of the payment for space heating and also water and electricity meters. AS Rīgas Siltums provides heat in Riga to close about 8,000 sites, including more than 5,500 apartment buildings.

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