Relion® REX610 – now released and ready to protect any basic power distribution application

Relion® REX610 – now released and ready to protect any basic power distribution application

Packed with innovative simplicity, REX610 is designed to simplify protection and control as the power grid evolves.

The latest addition to ABB’s Relion® product family, the all-in-one protection and control relay REX610, has now been released for order. REX610 supports safe, smart and sustainable electrification in times when power distribution networks continue to grow in size and complexity as world energy usage is predicted to nearly double by 2050. It draws on ABB’s strong heritage of freely configurable multifunctional relays and proven protection algorithms to create a simple and innovative solution that provides optimal protection for basic power distribution applications.

With only six variants REX610 is easy to order, set up, use and service – and to keep in store. It is a pure plug-and-play solution with installed hardware modules unlocking all available functionality. Global Product Manager Martin Nykvist said: “The fully modular hardware, together with an extensive range of default functionality and access to new developments via firmware updates, allow easy and flexible customization, modification and adaptation to changing protection, communication and network requirements, at any time throughout the life cycle. This makes REX610 a flexible, cost-effective and sustainable choice – futureproofed for the evolving grid.”

REX610 offers extensive life cycle services for optimal future usability and extended switchgear lifetime to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective protection solutions with predictable maintenance costs. The services include a web-based data-sharing and backup service, ABB Ability™ Backup Management for electrical systems – Data Care. This is also where all firmware updates will be accessible.

For the retrofit market, ABB has developed a tailor-made retrofit adapter set to allow quick and easy replacement of selected SPACOM relay types with REX610 relays. With more than 700,000 SPACOM relays installed worldwide, dating back to the 1980’s, the Relay Retrofit Program for SPACOM to REX610 offers an excellent way to easily modernize the protection and control system. The result is extended switchgear lifetime, full availability of relay life cycle services, and the possibility to adapt the power protection system to meet future requirements.

For further details, please visit the REX610 product page, RRP for SPACOM to REX610 product page and the REX610 campaign page. You can also use the intuitive online Product Selection Tool (PST) to easily configure your unique REX610 relay and access the latest product and price information.


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