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Protection and control REX610

All-in-one protection for any basic power distribution application

REX610 is a freely configurable all-in-one protection relay that covers the full range of basic power distribution applications, without forgoing simplicity. The small number of variants translates into easy ordering, set up, use and maintenance. Although rich in functionality, REX610 represents a cost-effective choice. The fully modular hardware, unlocking all available functionality, and continuous access to new developments allow easy and flexible customization, modification and adaptation to changing protection and communication requirements – at any time. REX610 is a member of the renowned Relion® protection and control family of relays, building on ABB’s strong heritage of freely configurable multifunctional relays and many proven protection algorithms.

All-in-one protection and control


  • Multiapplication coverage with one device for optimal flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Easy and flexible customization and adaptation to changing protection and communication requirements with modular and scalable design
  • Plug-and-play solution with installed hardware modules unlocking all available functionality
  • Extensive range of default functionality, including communication, for easy alterations with no additional costs
  • Continuous access to incrementally released new functionality via firmware updates
  • Convenient, tailor-made retrofit adapter to allow smooth replacement of SPACOM with REX610 relays


  • Freely configurable relay for flexible tailoring to application-specific requirements
  • 6 variants covering all basic applications
  • Withdrawable plug-in unit for swift replacement, short meantime to repair, and minimized costly downtime
  • Possibility of replacing one or several modules instead of replacing the entire relay
  • Easy-to-use local human-machine interface (LHMI) 
  • Secure and flexible standardized communication with both IEC 61850 Edition 2 and Modbus 

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