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Multiapplication protection and control

REX640 is a powerful, all-in-one protection and control relay for advanced power generation and distribution applications. REX640 offers unmatched flexibility throughout its entire life cycle – from ordering through testing and commissioning, to upgrading the functionality of its modular software and hardware to meet new application requirements.

ABB Ability™ smart substation control and protection for electrical systems SSC600 centralizes all protection and control functionality in one single device on distribution substation level for minimal engineering, station-wide visibility and optimal process management. Combining SSC600 with merging units creates an IEC 61850-compliant centralized protection and control solution. The modular software can be flexibly modified for the entire lifetime of the digital substation and allows SSC600 to change with the evolving grid. 

Protection and control REX640


  • All-in-one protection and control


  • Complete application coverage with one device for optimal flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Ready-made application packages for convenient and smooth ordering
  • Fully modular hardware and software for maximum flexibility throughout the entire relay life cycle
  • Easy adaption to changing protection requirements
  • Ready-made application-based LHMI pages – saving both time and efforts
  • Increased situational awareness and optimal usability with application-driven LHMI
  • Relay costs reduced by up to 15% with SHMI instead of LHMI


  • Freely configurable relay for flexible tailoring to application-specific requirements
  • IEC 61850 Edition 1 and Edition 2  - certified by DNV/GL (KEMA) – with redundancy support based on HSR and PRP
  • Ability to receive four streams of sampled measured values (SMVs) and send one via IEC 61850-9-2 LE-based process bus communication
  • Synchronizer functionality for both generator and non-generator breakers
  • Four supervised arc sensor inputs, either loop or lens-type
  • Centralized account management with role-based access control
  • SHMI for optimal visibility – with full LHMI functionality available on panel/bay level by selecting one at a time

Smart substation control and protection SSC600


  •  Centralized protection and control


  • Centralized protection and control in one single device for reduced network complexity
  • Easy and efficient process management with station-wide process visibility
  • Extensive application coverage with one device for flexibility and optimal cost-effectiveness
  • Fully modular software for maximum flexibility throughout the substation’s entire life cycle
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective substation system upgrade with centralized protection and control solution for changing network protection requirements
  • Designed to support the increasing digitalization of substations


  •  IEC 61850-compliant communication and interoperability between substation automation devices
  • Centralized protection and control in one single device for up to 20 feeder, motor and transformer bays
  • Comprehensive Web HMI (human-machine interface) including station-wide HMI functionalities
  • Disturbance recordings for the entire substation
  • IEC 61850-3-certified with inbuilt redundancy and self-supervision
  • Extensive digital services throughout the substation's entire lifecycle

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