Multiapplication protection and control

Freely configurable all-in-one protection devices represent a flexible and cost-effective choice. ABB’s multiapplication protection and control offering covers the full range of basic power distribution applications, provides complete coverage for advanced power generation and distribution applications, as well as introduces a centralized approach to protection and control in distribution networks – centralizing all protection and control functionality in one single device on substation level.

The modular design makes it easy to adapt to changing protection requirements for the lifetime of the device. Continuous access to new incrementally released functionality makes the devices future-proofed – ready to protect and control for years to come as the power grid evolves. 


All-in-one protection and control


  • Multiapplication coverage with one device for optimal flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Modular design for flexible customization and easy adaption to changing protection requirements
  • Continuous access to incrementally released new functionality


  • Freely configurable device for flexible tailoring to application-specific requirements
  • IEC 61850-compliant communication and interoperability between substation automation devices
  • Common IEC 61850-certified setting and configuration tool – PCM600

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